Colorful Leaf Art Activity for Kids

  I love all the beautiful colors God has surrounded us with! Especially in spring and fall when new life is budding, or when they’re changing colors in preparation for the coming winter. One of our favorite activities to do is crafts with leaves.   As soon as we see fun colors outside the kids start begging to go out and collect things. I’m still not sure which part is more fun, the gathering, or the creating…maybe both.   I always love to watch Tinker Bell do her gathering. She’s always very specific. The other kids fill their buckets with all kinds of choices, but not Tinker Bell. She usually has something in mind, and only gathers exactly what she needs for her project.   The other thing I love to see are kids working together for a common goal. No selfishness, just fun.   Once we get back in the house, we dump our leaves all over the table. I know, I promise it will clean up, just go with it.  I … [Read more...]


Rainbow Eraser Painting

For this stART project, we read What Makes a Rainbow? by Betty Ann I got the eraser dot painting idea from Mama Jenn’s Blog. And just to make life easier, I downloaded this rainbow worksheet from Making Learning Fun. I put out paint cups with red, yellow, and blue paint in them. Then we mixed them together to make the secondary colors. After that they were free to dot paint their rainbows using the eraser end of their pencils. Here were our results: Hope you have fun! Click here for the rest of our Letter R for Rainbow activities! For more stART projects, be sure to click the button below! … [Read more...]


Salad Spinner Spring Flowers

Supplies: Salad Spinner (Yes, I said salad spinner) Food coloring (I used non-toxic paint too, but it didn’t spin as well) Paper (I used construction paper and paper plates) Popsicle sticks or straws for the stems Vase to display! (You can also stick them in clumps of play-doh for a base) Step 1: Cut the paper to fit inside your salad spinner, then drop some food coloring onto your paper. Step 2: Spin, Spin, Spin!   Step 3: cut into flower shapes and glue to popsicle sticks and display for all to see! That’s it! Easy as 1,2,3! … [Read more...]


Tissue Paper Butterfly Craft

Since our coffee filter butterfly craft didn't go so well, we decided to try the tissue paper one this time. They liked and the finished products were reall pretty especially my 6 year olds. She diligently crumpled up her paper and glued it on so carefully! This was however a test of patience for my 5yr old, he's always looking for 'short-cuts' and decided that it was faster just to glue on the sheets flat because they covered more area...ya, art's not about being faster dude. And our finished butterflies: If you would like to use my printable, you can download it free from my Letter B activity page. I used the coloring sheet for this project! … [Read more...]