I grabbed these from a new blog (http://shipsarebuiltfor.blogspot.com/ ) I found, so can’t take credit, but they were great links so I had to share:

http://www.kinderbach.com/ – piano lessons for 3-7 I believe, can’t wait to try this!



Kumon workbooks – http://www.kumonbooks.com/ – You can also get these on Amazon.com and Barnes And Noble, etc. My kids all LOVED these, we have done the letters, numbers, mazes, & cutting book.

http://www.fiarhq.com/ “Five in a Row” Christian literature based curriculum

If you want a “in a box” with all the craft supplies included, you may want to consider something like http://www.mothergoosetime.com/

Organization: “workbox system” http://www.workboxsystem.com/ Her website isn’t too insightful, we are just starting to use it so I’ll keep you posted. She has some really good ideas in her book and all, but you don’t HAVE to buy her book to implement the basic idea, if you like it. Just google ‘Sue Patrick Workbox review” and you’ll get TONS of blogs from homeschoolers, I haven’t read one that is bad yet!

Well, hope that helps some of you out there find fun things to fill your boxes, or create your own curriculum. I put together my own for prek so I’m always looking for fun things to keep my tot interested. I am currently trying to talk my DH into the kinderbach program, saw nothing but positive reviews of that as well, just have to find an inexpensive keyboard…so, better get on to ebay!

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