Before school starts, we do our Abeka Bible Study, we love this! And then we started our Exploring Creation with Astronomy series. I’m excited to go through this book, its written for elementary students, and has fun activities to go along with each lesson.

We do this all before boxes because its a group activity, so I’ve just found it easier to do it together then break for boxes. I’ll probably move the Astronomy to the bottom of the row once we get into activities. I setup work first, then activities last.

1. MUS Video and worksheet. This was a difficult concept today, we are learning to ‘carry the one’. They also have her split it out so if the number is 84, she has to write 80+4. These are 2 difficult things to do all at once, but we’re gonna take our time and get through it.

2. Spelling week 7.

3. Abeka Language and phonics worksheets:

3.5 Where did this Teeny Tiny Tot come from? Looks like she’s eager to get onto her own school.

4. Our verse, America CD and snack. She strung the verse cards onto string today and we put it up in our room. Later I heard her tell her brother he had to recite the verse before he could enter LOL!

5. A fun book I found in the bargain bin of Barnes and Noble. This one is called Learn To Count Magnetic Numbers Book.

6. Word/Write/Build, I downloaded this from Erin’s Blog and we’ve been using it ever since, she LOVES it.

7. American Pioneers and Patriots book. I had to double up our Primary English lessons here too so I could fit everything in today!

8. Typing Lessons, I use Sue Patrick’s Typing program, its free when you download her book on workboxes. She’s doing quite well with this!

9. Draw Write Now Book 4, I chose the canoe since we’re making those this week. She didn’t like it and switched to a seal… okay fine.

Once she was done, she helped her brother with another one of his cool oceans puzzles.

This is what we do after all our work! It was so nice outside today they played forever giving me time to re-load for tomorrow!


  1. Hello. I have a 2nd grader also, and we are using abeka and apologia astronomy.In your post you mentioned Sue Patrick's Typing program, I recently bought her book, and don't see anything about a typing program. Can you point me to it? Thanks!

  2. I love the idea of stringing the verse! How did you hang it up – I'm guessing you put clothespins up there? Love your site, so many ideas! I'll have to go through with a pen & paper just to list all the ideas I like so I can do them with my kiddos -which are about the same age.


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