We’re starting off with the letter S this week, so tonight we had Spaghetti!
For our boxes:
1. we did our MUS video and worksheet:

2. Our letter S blend ladder (Click here to download my blend ladders),
We also played I Spy s words and he had to spell them out on his blend ladder, think: sap, set, sip, sod, sud.

3. Handwriting worksheet:

4. Review of all blends learned so far, we made sentences using our words.

5. Reading box with snack (not pictured LOL) We read Watch Out For Joel “The Fly Trap”. It was pretty funny and he got a kick out of it. Its about a little boy who builds a fly powered airplane for his mom’s bday.

6. Kumon short vowel word cards, these things are great! He LOVES dry erase stuff and so these were perfect handwriting practice, plus word reading.

7. Numbers review and introduction to 14. We just counted our number chart here and did a stair jumping game for each number he got right.

8. Draw Write Now Book 1: he chose a tractor though we looked at “S” options.

9. Cool Oceans! Puzzle Book, got in the bargain bin of Barnes and Noble.

10. Bug Fill in the blank sentance strips. I made these myself, just pasted some clipart on a sentance strip and wrote in the word with a blank line.

11. Some extra-credit work: Click here for information on how to build my magnetic letter builders.

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