Tonight was our Keepers at Home group. She loves this group and we’ve learned some fun things here. Tonight was basket weaving. Praise God that a friend sent the video for us to pre-watch before we started, or i would have been lost! If you’re interested, the Basket Master Nancy has a whole series of instructional basket making videos, start at video 1, she is a great teacher. She also has a blog with tons of ideas. I was amazed at how well my daughter caught on to this, she did so well! And now we have good ideas for her Christmas presents too!

I’ve had a lot of questions about where we got the kits, so here is the link to the Keepers At Home Basket Order Page. Ours was the small $5.95 basket, but it looks like they have 2 other’s to choose from.

Here she is cutting her soaked reeds to the proper length.

Next starting the base of the basket. This is by FAR the hardest part. (Well, I’m just thankful I didn’t have to strip the tree before starting, check out this guy making Split whiteoak baskets.)

Here is our group

And moving along is my daughter, over – under – over – under – over – under

Folding over our top spokes:

Here is our final basket! She colored it with the Elmer’s Paint By Numbers pens, I believe they are water color, and they appear to work quite well on the basket. I got them from Wal-mart in the craft section, they come with 2 paint by number pictures, but maybe you can get the pens seperate? Either way, very nice! And fun too!


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