some of you have asked about my typing program. I mentioned that it came free when I purchased the Sue Patrick Workbox System book. The typing program is an additional download, so its not inside the book. Once you purchase the program, she gives you a login to her website. On the left side of her site is a link that says “Basic forms to download-must register book”. You then use the login she gave you. If you didn’t get a password, send her an email and I’m sure she’ll take care of it!

On the download area, she has all kinds of things, like schedule strips, box numbers, picture cards like work with mom, etc., grids to help you fill in your boxes, and the typing stuff. The typing section are 3 files towards the bottom of the page. You have to download them all separately.

1. Typing Schedule to put in boxes
2. Typing practice pages (the ones you see in my binder on the right)
3. Typing Visual aids (the keyboard and hands).

EDITED: I just received an email from Sue Patrick saying that she is working on an updated version of the keyboard visual, so that is why you are having trouble finding it on her site. She’ll hopefully have one up soon for you all!

Edited: The Typing Visual is back up and available! Check the download area and scroll to the bottom for all of the typing downloads

Hope that helps!


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