Hi everyone! I have another curriculum video review for you today. This one is on the Spelling You See curriculum that we reviewed and used last year.

We will be using this curriculum again this year as it worked well, and it doubles as handwriting for us as well which is a bonus!


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–> Watch my Spelling You See video review here!

PLEASE NOTE: I apologize, in the video I mentioned that the curriculum comes with the Teacher’s Manual, however it does not. The Teacher’s Manual can be purchased separately. I don’t use the teacher’s manual for my older students, however there are some dictation exercises in the Level B unit that does require the teacher’s manual.


What is Spelling You See?

For those of you who haven’t heard of Spelling You See, it’s a new curriculum recently released by the same folks as Math U See, Demme Learning.

They have a unique approach where students search for things like vowel “chunks” and consonant “chunks” within an existing text. They also have copy work as well as dictation assignments to help students see and remember the words. As they progress through the lesson they start to memorize the text as well as the word spelling along with it.

“Our program is research-based and based upon the finding that all students move through the same sequence of stages as they are learning to spell. Stages can’t be skipped or sped up. Although the stages children move through are the same, the pace at which they move through each stage is unique to each child.” ~ Spelling You See

What is their Philosophy?

The Spelling You See program follows a developmental philosophy that students move through these five stages:

  • Preliterate
  • Phonetic
  • Skill Development
  • Word Extension
  • Derivational Constancy



Interested in more information?

Win It!

The awesome folks at Demme Learning have offered to giveaway a level of Spelling You See to one of you! Yipee! Winner gets to choose the level best suited for their kiddos, so make sure to enter below to add this fun curriculum to your homeschool!

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  1. I am excited to try this curricula with my older kiddos this year and am glad to see this positive review. I already have B for one of my children and she absolutely LOVES it!! I was wondering if you could tell me why you feel you wouldn’t need the teacher book in the older levels, how is it set up (is all the information available just using the written pages of the student text?) and at what level do you personally find them unnecessary. I am all for saving some money on teacher’s books when I can – especially with multiple children on many different levels. Thanks again for the review and the chance to win a level. 🙂

    1. Hi Cyndi,
      The instructions for each day are on the student worksheets, so I don’t really use the TM for them at this point. We’re just using level B this year with Miss Lady Bug and that one does have specific word lists that you use, so the TM would be beneficial for that level. 🙂

  2. Hello, I am so glad you did a video of this. I have seen this curriculum on your site and I have reviewed it. I have been skeptical of trying this because I was not sure how this would co-inside with All About Spelling. I didn’t want my son to get confused. What sold me was the fact that you mentioned that your children yearly test score showed major improvement.
    Since you have been using this curriculum, may I ask what level you recommend for my son to start at?
    He’s 10 ( 11 in Oct. ) in 5th grade. Started All About Spelling last school year. We are on level 2 ( midway )
    Thank you much,

    ps, have another question for you, your home school tracker software (for your children s daily school schedule ) Is this your software or did you purchase?

    jill blake
  3. I’m wondering if you think I could have the do the writing in cursive? They all have a very strong cursive base from Abeka and I’d like them to continue. (They know their letter formation, and we have a. Itsive chart on the wall) just wondering if you think it would devalue this program, or if I could pull it off…

  4. I have the same question as Jennifer above haha! We are wanting to start teaching cursive this year, but my daughter HATES busy work and so I do like how this combines writing and spelling (and it seems really great just at teaching spelling and even some “historical” things), but I’m thinking if I try and do this PLUS a cursive lesson each day she’ll fight me tooth and nail. Suggestions?

    1. I actually just use SYS as our handwriting as well. It seemed like a waste of time to do both SYS and another handwriting. You can have her do the writing in cursive if you want her to focus on that and she knows how to form the letters since the SYS texts are in manuscript.


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