To go along with her letter L week, today we read the book “Is Your Mama A Llama?” This was a cute book, everyone liked it.

Next we made a fun Llama craft to go with our “Is your mama a llama?” book. I found a llama coloring page, cut it out, and glued it on a piece of construction paper then let her color it and glue on some ripped up cotton balls for the fur.

We did some group reading:

She worked on her colors book, we did black and blue today.

One of her drawers had bowls with pom-poms and numbers in the bowls. She put the correct number of poms in each bowl. (I found the little colored bowls in the kitchen section at Target.

She practiced writing her numbers, these are the Kumon Numbers 1-30 Wipe off cards. They make another set that goes to 120.

Next she worked on some puzzles with her brother, would someone please tell these two that school is over? LOL

Then she read herself “Caps for Sale” and walked around the house with her cups on her head yelling “Caps for sale!” LOL!


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