To continue our Letter L and number six learning we are doing a worksheet I downloaded from KidZone. You can pick what you need by grade level and subject!

Next was a fun L puzzle I found in a set of alphabet puzzles I got at a used curriculum sale. You can buy it new at Amazon, its called “Spell A Puzzle”

I downloaded this cute Ladybug graphing book from Child Care Land. (Scroll down to Lady Bug Counting and Graphing). They have tons of free printables. I laminated it and gave her a dry-erase marker. The goal is to color the correct amount of squares based on how many lady bugs are on the page. The download also includes colored squares that they can place on the grid instead of coloring.

Next up was a Lollipop puzzle downloaded from Erin’s Blog. She LOVED the lollipop theme! Guess I’ll have to surprise her with one at the end of the week ;o)

Then we have a lollipop pattern strips, also downloaded from Erin’s Blog.

We’ll read our Llama book again:

Let’s Fold! by Kumon, this is our first time trying this, it went okay, but she didn’t quite understand how to get the folds on the lines, maybe practice…

And the grand finale! A Lollipop craft. We’ll just color the stick then glue it and the yarn to the page ( in a spiral shape hopefully) … ;o)

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