Here’s our Kindergarten boxes for the day, I didn’t take as many pics of my son actually working as our Teeny Tiny Tot was whiney…you can see what we finally did with her at the end of this post.

1. Math, he’s doing well with this, so its actually fun for him 🙂 As a matter of fact I skipped ahead this week to the next lesson as they have been doing the same thing for awhile now.

2.We’re starting the letter C today, so here’s a new blend card for him. (You can download my blend cards here) I am also using the site word game from Erin’s Blog since he’s learning the word “the” first I have him build it, then have him write it in the squares. I might use the Word/Build/Write sheet with him next! (Scroll down on Erin’s link to see that worksheet)

3. A consonants matching poster center box. He’ll match the letters to the poster which has velcro on it.

4. A pointer to count on our number chart 1-100, and some number cards 0-9 to use to make numbers with, I’ll tell him a number then he’ll make it using the cards like a 1 card and a 4 card for the number 14.

5. Reading box: Since we’re doing the letter c, I picked “Have you seen the Crocodile?”

6. The Spelling Bee Book! The letters are magnetic, and inside has pictures like a dog, with 3 empty squares and he puts in the d o g letters.

7. Reading box, a shark book I found for $1 in a Joann’s discount bin. It has stickers too!

8. Our CVC Word Flip Chart, we’ll make s and c words. You can download your own copy from The Homeschool Highway blog. Actually I think I’ll print this photo so I have something to put in his box since it doesn’t fit LOL! They were working on T blend reviews and made this word…very proud of themselves they say to me “look mom ‘t-i-t, tit’.” I laughed hysterically, then took a picture and said ‘good job guys’ as my kids are sheltered and have no clue what this word is.

My son finished early, so he was in charge of keeping the Teeny Tiny Tot entertained…what did he do with our today to keep her happy? Shopping cart rides, her favorite!

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