The little dude was happy to find a “Build a race car” card in his box. It took some coaxing, as he was like ‘where’s the directions?’ and I tried to explain that there weren’t any directions, and he had to use his brain to be creative and come up with a car on his own…after a few minutes he started, and I was pleased to see his final result, all on his own! Super Cool Dude! I downloaded the Lego Building Cards from Honey’s Blog! You have to scroll down her free downloads to the “Brick Building Cards” link to download! We Love these!

Blend Hot Dots, we review the ones he’s learned so far. You can download my blend hot dot cards here, you still have to purchase the dots and pen to put on the card. You can get them from Amazon. You could also just use mini-clothes pins instead to have them select the correct answer, or laminate and have them circle it with a dry-erase marker!

Decimal Street Tornado hit! All the values have to be put back into their correct place, then we write now many blocks there are and read the numbers…this one is 344.

Large number cards, he’s on number 19, and had to put them all in order…until the Teeny Tiny Tot came long…and tried to eat the cards…


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