We’re starting off our Letter T day with a paint bag. Fill a ziplock paint bag with paint and let them draw the letters with their finger. You could also fill it with cheap shaving cream, and if you’re feeling really brave, just spread the shaving cream out on your counter and let them have at it! (Notice how mine is in a sealed bag!)

Up next is a Turtle coloring page, you can download it here

Letter T scavenger Hunt! Her mission should she choose to accept it (did I mention homeschool isn’t optional?) is to fill her box with things that start with T! You can download the card here! She came back with a timer, tiger, teacup, tea pot, transformer!

Trying something new here, lacing the letters t – u – r – t- l – e onto a string…

Geoboard making the letter T and t, I’ll probably have her do the number 10 also.

Click here for all of my Letter T downloads!

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