I found this fun cornucopia craft on Spoonful Crafts and added it to our Thanksgiving Week!


  • 1 sheet of plain white paper
  • Half sheets of construction paper: brown, black, purple, red, yellow, green and orange
  • White craft glue, Q-tips, small dixie cups (1 for each student)
  • Scissors
  • Pattern from Spoonful  (I just printed 1 per student **Sorry, the original printable is no longer available, but you search for “cornucopia printable” and get several options.)


  • Cut small squares from each color of construction paper
  • Provide small cups of white craft glue for each child along with a stack of Q-tips
  • Use paintbrushes or Q-tips to dab small amounts of glue onto the paper and glue on the construction paper squares as follows:
  • Brown – horn
    Black – horn mouth/rim
    Purple – grapes at top
    Red – apple to the right, below top grapes
    Purple – eggplant
    Red – apple below eggplant
    Green – leaves below apple
    Yellow – apple below top grapes
    Green and yellow – corn cob
    Green – leaves below corn
    Purple – grapes below corn cob
    Orange – pumpkin

As your crafting, discuss what it means to give thanks and how the cornucopia symbolizes a bountiful harvest. This will go along with our study on the pilgrims and how they had to work hard to farm and harvest their food.

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