So about 2 seconds into my beloved “school’s out for summer” much needed break, the kids started getting bored. Thankfully I stumbled upon this post from Muffin Tin Mom and got right to work!


Click here to download “Find It!”

I handed each child a clipboard with the Find It worksheet clipped to it and instructed them to find each item and draw a picture of it in the box provided. I was amazed at how quickly they all jumped at the chance to do an activity! Here they are gathering and recording their finds:

IMG_5497 IMG_5499 IMG_5501 IMG_5502

So if you’re already feeling a little summer boredom, go ahead and download our Find It Worksheet and get their brains back to work! (P.S. I left the downloaded copy blank so you could write in your own items!)


  1. Thanks for sharing about your scavenger hunt…We did a different sort of one, as last week, I decided to start hosting monthly scavenger hunts on my blog. This month's theme was "Continents…sweet"! where families had to go on a snack scavenger hunt…all participants are getting cool prizes, including a nice international cookbook…my next month's scavenger hunt theme is "Shapes in Nature". If your family enjoyed their scavenger hunt, you should pop over and check out what we are doing for this month for next month, too…Have a good one:)Colleen

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