Here’s a fun marble painting craft you can do! I found the idea on Cullen’s Abc’s and I’ve seen it on a couple other blogs but don’t remember where, sorry!

Poster or tempera paint

Painting container (gift box, shoe box, 13×9 baking dish, we used our workboxes!)


Place the paint into small cups and drop a few marbles in each color. Lay the paper into the bottom of box. Place marbles from one color into the container and roll around by moving the box from side to side etc. Remove that color and continue with the other colors.
We did this with candy cane coloring page.

The marble idea wore off quickly, and they went for brushes and paint rollers, but it was still fun. Maybe next time we’ll try several marbles just so its a tad more interesting…

Once dry, we cut out the candy canes and pasted them onto construction paper. My daughter made hers into a book.


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