Welcome to my weekly mime: What’s in the box Wednesday! I’ll alternate between prek, kindergarten and 2nd grade just for fun 🙂 Hope you enjoy! Make sure to sign up on the McLinky at the bottom to share your boxes with everyone!

  1. Math U See Primer video and workbook
  2. Hot Dot Blend Cards and pen : See bottom of post for more Hot Dot info!
  3. Abeka Handwriting practice
  4. Abeka – addition flashcard practice
  5. Abeka  Reading Practice
  6. Abeka – Numbers writing practice
  7. Dry Erase writing practice
  8. Telling Time practice
  9. Abeka – Addition problem writing practice
  10. Wall-E I Spy Book 

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    More info on Educational Insights  Hot Dots:
    I purchased some ‘make your own hot dots’ from Lakeshore Learning. You can print your own cards, these are phonics cards I made, you can download Short and Long Vowels cards, and Beginning Sounds Consonants cards. Word to the wise, print cards, laminate, THEN DOT THEM AFTERWARDS! The dots don’t work if they’ve been laminated!


    1. I am not able to find the hot dots at Lakeshore and a google search showeds me a site saying they are discontinued. But I foundhttp://www.amazon.com/Educational-Insights-Hot-Dots/dp/B000BQ7BGY/ref=pd_sim_t_24 on Amazon. Is that it? I just need the special "pen" and then the dots and cna attach them to something?Thanks!

    2. Hi Erica, I was just wondering if you made your own telling time dry erase cards, or if you bought them? I can’t find any that look like yours and I am needing these for my workboxes as well. Just want to say that I love your site and how you put everything out there for new homeschoolers like me. I loved your school room and the simplicity and organization it would bring to our school so much that I purchased the same desk and workboxes:) You have made starting school for me so much more easier, I can’t thank you enough. I also just ordered your K4 program, we will be starting in full swing in 2 weeks!


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