This was our first preschool lapbook, we did a Clownfish Lapbook.


Since it was for pre-k, I kept it simple, 1 file folder and includes:

  • New Worlds: Sea homes
  • Where do they live?
  • Clown Fish Anatomy
  • Clown Fish Measuring
  • Finding Nemo Stick Puppets
  • Clown Fish Coloring

IMG_3387 IMG_3388

Of course we watched Finding Nemo! Since this was for our preschooler, I kept it simple. You can download my version of the Clownfish Lapbook here.

I you have older children, you can find plenty of downloads in the coral reef lapbook at Homeschool Share.


  1. Erica~Just wanted you to know that this lapbook is still blessing little ones and their mommas. Thank you so much for sharing this! We completed Letter F Week of your “Letter of the Week” program this morning, and I pulled this lapbook out to end our day. I’m so glad I waited till the end of our school time, because my son was so excited and jumping up and down when he saw the Clown fish cover. When we were finished with “the plan” for the lapbook he didn’t want to put it away! Just very thankful for the great resource and all your hard work. 🙂 Happy Friday!


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