I downloaded a great domino game today called “Domino Parking Lot”. Younger kids can count the dots and place the dominos in the correct spot. Older kids can add the 2 sides together to find the correct spot.

IMG_3733 IMG_3732

I found the idea for this on Nurturing the Tender Years, if you haven’t already, go visit, she has a beautiful blog!

Domino Math: I do this game 2 ways, either I write in the combination’s and he matches the dominoes to it and writes in the answer. Or he picks a domino out and writes the equation and answer himself. Click here to download the domino math game!

Dice Addition/Subtraction: Roll the die, and write a number in the first box, roll again and write it in the second box. Use blocks or counters to help figure out the answer! Click here to download the Dice Addition/Subtraction worksheets!

A Place Value Game: Pick numbers and put them in boxes, say the number, and make it with blocks! Click here to download the Place Value Game:

More Domino ideas:



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