1. I am getting ready for my just-turned 5 year old to start some more structured learning. I love all the stuff you do for your son. I am thinking (for me) it is too much this soon. Do you find it easier to do all those activites b/c there are older children, or did you start out like that with your first? I am in NO WAY criticizing- you are awesome! I am just working out the way that will work for us and I was curious. Thanks!

  2. Michelle: Yes, some of the reason there are so many activities is because we all do school together and my daughter who is 2nd grade has a lot more work than my kindergartner. I do try to put some "FUN" activities in his boxes just to keep him going while she works, also just for fun. If you notice though, he varies between 5 and 8 boxes max. 8 is a heavy day for him. Usually we do 5-6 boxes, so we cover math, handwriting, reading, phonics and then something fun like cut/paste, or puzzles, etc.Anyway, you do have to see what works best for you, for example I do A LOT of preschool stuff now that I didn't do with my oldest b/c she was the only one doing school at the time. The amt of prek stuff i do is only b/c she wants stuff in her boxes like the older kids. Make sense? I'd try to pick a start point and see how it goes if your child is overwhelmed with the amt of work, then scale back til you figure out whats a good balance. Especially boys, short attention span and don't like to be chained to a desk!We do a lot of his phonics flashcards hopping around on a ball or jumping down the stairs while he reads the cards.Hope that helps!

  3. Hi K-TRIBE: the abeka phonics flashcards can be used in a couple ways. Mostly just to review sounds, blends etc. I have my son go to the top of the stairs and hop down one for each card he reads correctly, when he reaches the bottom he wins. Basically they just reveiw common sounds like 'sh' and 'th' etc. so they get used to seeing those blends so when you get to a word like ship its easy to sound out b/c they already know what the 'sh' says. Does that help? Abeka has you reviewing the sounds daily, so they get used to reading.Hope that helps!

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