Welcome to What’s in the box Wednesday. This week we’ll be joining in with our Teeny Tiny Tot who has recently decided she isn’t satisfied with my selection of workboxes for her, and has made up her own work for this week.

Of course we start off the day with personal hygiene. She gets really into her teeth brushing…literally, into it.

IMG_4640 IMG_4641

Next she counted our calendar and re-arranged our patterned chain links.


Later she played with the magnets, she decided that she liked the soft fluffy pom-pom magnets the best. Sadly some of the magnets didn’t survive this activity.


One of her favorite activities is the Stacking Cups. Well, not so much the stacking part but more the knocking down part.


Later she went on to practice her handwriting with the Letter Q.


She likes to taste-test everything, her findings are more accurate that way.


At snack time she sorted her ‘Nilla Wafers’. One for her, one in the box, one for her, one in the box.


She’s recently been into writing, so I’ve tried to let her experiment with it. Here she is taking my lunch order. For this activity she chose a pencil and pink notepad. We stopped the activity just before the  inevitable taste-testing began. You know, lead and all…


Later she practiced stacking our phonics blocks. I’m convinced she’s making words with the blocks whenever I’m not looking.IMG_4644 

Finally she went on to do her Spanish lesson at "PowerSpeak”. Of course she got an A, I could tell she was doing well because my laptop kept beeping at her. This was before the ‘incident’.


What’s in your boxes today? Feel free to link up any age so we can all share ideas!


  1. She is just absolutely adorable!! We had some pompom magnets that got distroyed too here is an idea i just had a few days ago and made a few already but time will tell if they hold up, trace the circular magnets onto different colored paper and then cut paper out and glue to magnet or if the magnet has adhesive already just stick the paper to it, then take some decorative clear pebbles like you would get at hobby lobby or micheals and hotglue those over the paper! So far ours have held up better than the pompoms! the decorative pebbles fit the circles for do a dot art perfect! I could not be more pleased!

  2. Looks like she keeps you busy!(And to alleviate any mommmy guilt you may have, pencils don't have lead anymore, it's graphite. So if she does get it into her mouth, she won't be poisoning herself.)


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