Welcome to What’s in the Box Wednesday, where I try to share exactly what I’m putting in boxes for the day! Today I’m sharing my 2nd Grade boxes and there are lots of ‘Fun Boxes’ this week as it’s our last official week of 2nd Grade! Whew!

  1. Abeka 2: Math (We’re done with our Math U See Yay!)
  2. Abeka Phonics Test (No she doesn’t get the answer book, I just put it in there so when she get’s to the box, the test and my booklet are there so I can grade on the spot, no homework for Mommy!)
  3. Abeka Spelling Book
  4. Spelling Words & Magnetic Letters
  5. Abeka Language 2 worksheet
  6. My Father’s World: State Worksheet
  7. Sue Patrick’s Typing
  8. Money Hot Dot Cards
  9. Pick-&-Draw Art Game
  10. Spanish Card: We use PowerSpeak

Don’t forget to link up below, I’m sharing 2nd Grade, but feel free to link up any age you’d like to share ideas for!


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