Let’s just say I started off my day by finding my 65lb border collie stuck UNDERneath my van this morning…I would’ve left this post to that, but then…

This arrived today…

We’re planning on doing Kinderbach online piano lessons. They’ve gotten great reviews, and offer a free 2 weeks worth of lessons download, so we’ll try before we buy, but I really want to start my 2nd grader on piano lessons and this looked like a great opportunity. I got the keyboard for cheap off of ebay and I’ll post on our Kinderbach review after we’ve gotten a few lessons under our lap! I’m going to make a cute keyboard card to put in her box, I think she’ll be excited!

Some pics from the spelling practice using beads, she liked it well enough, but there’s a huge bucket of little letters and so next time I think I’ll just grab out ones she needs plus a SMALL handful of extras so she’s not digging through letters getting frustrated!

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