I didn’t take as many pics today, but some of our lineup for tomorrow is:

Geoboard Letter Making. I put in a sample in the box, but he’ll quickly correct it because the bottom line on the “E” is too long. Yes, he’s that precise.

Introduction to letter Aa and fun game using the flashcards, then some sorting of magnetic letters to identify Aa (he really already knows his letters, so this will quickly turn into spelling words, but that’s okay!)

I found this fun game for Domino Math on this website, I quickly made a worksheet for it, click here to download Domino Math. Very simple, put a domino on the sheet, add the dots in the left side with the dots in the right side and write the answer!

I also found this bag of shells for .47 at Michaels, and it was a perfect addition game for our ‘Home For Hermit Crab’ mini study! My kindergartner is very excited to use these to do some math problems…its the little things people

Here’s our final day of our Crab Lapbook, we read the story of “House for Hermit Crab” by Eric Carle and glued the little story parts on a grid I downloaded from http://www.homeschoolshare.com/ .

And finally…I wasn’t sure where to include this photo, but here’s what it looks like to have a baby using the workbox system. She made it in and back out of the box several times successfully so I guess we’ll call it a day!


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