We just finished up our Life of Joseph Bible Study and I found this great craft on Delightful Learning so we had to do it!

I used a box of tissue paper squares since I didn’t have fabric. (I got them at Lakeshore Learning, and probably paid way too much, but all the colors and pre-cut squares seemed worth it to me for all the crafts we use tissue paper for!) The words showed through a bit, so if you use tissue paper, turn the paper with the square on it over, and glue to the other side without the words!


It’s fairly simple, just print the worksheets from Christian Crafts. Then cut out the coat from page 1 leaving the outside intact:


Next fill the square on page 2 with colorful paper, fabric, ribbon, paint or tissue paper.

IMG_4455 IMG_4457

Next we painted glue around the outside of the colorful square and glued page 1 on top of page 2 to reveal our colorful coats!.


Here are our finished coats:


Review the verse and story! If you need ideas for this unit, we like the Nest Family Videos! They are a video, followed by an interactive lesson, along with online printable worksheets & coloring pages.


  1. That's neat! If you are interested in making a wearable coat of many colors, I have an idea for you. My son did this at a day camp last week. Basically, you take a large brown paper bag and cut holes for th neck and arms. Also, cut it down the middle of the front, so that it can be put on. (You'll be cutting into the hole in the neck.) His coat had long strips of colored construction paper, but you could use the tissue paper squares.

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I read it awhile back and when my son had it in history today- I knew where to look to get a cool idea to surprise him. He was so caught up in the egyptians and pyramids that when we turned to Abraham and Joseph he got sad. Just wait for tomorrow morning- we will start the day with your craft idea. Thanks a million.

    Holly Eisaman

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