Since we did upper case letters last year, I thought it would be fun to go back through and do lowercase letters this year! Our first week was the Letter A!

Where can you find all my Letter A activities?

We put all of the completed letter’s in a fun 3 ring binder so we can read through them as we go! I get most of the ideas for our letters from my wonderfully creative co-writers over at Totally Tots! They have some super cute letter ideas, if you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure to stop over!


So here was our page for the letter a. I used red, green and black foam for the letter pieces. We glued all the pieces in order for a sweet little apple a craft!

Click here for step by step instructions from Totally Tots!

Here are some more of our Letter A activities this week:

Sign Language letter A:


Numbers review with help from the Teeny Tiny Tot


Letter Aa writing practice:


Capital and Lowercase letter matching:


Apple Shape Puzzles:


Letter A Lacing Card and letter hunt worksheet:


Letter A size sorting:


Apple pattern activity:


Capital and lowercase letter matching:


Making the letter A with Alphabet Fun Cards by Wikki Stix:


Where can you find all these fun activities?


  1. when I try to print off the printables it will partially print on 3 different pages. I tried fitting to screen, landscape, decreased the zoom…I’m obviously doing something wrong, and I would love to use your sheets. can you help me??

  2. Hi, I am in Namibia and we speak Afrikaans. How much of this is letters, shapes and numbers only? This won’t work for us if there is a lot of English words in between. Thanks

    Aneen Graupe
    1. Hi Aneen,
      The Letter A activities all center around the common theme of “apples”. There are a variety of activities for each letter that include letter practice, numbers, fine-motor skills, sorting, math, shapes, etc.


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