Ever start one of those projects and silently cry “Why, oh why did we do this? If only we could go back in time 10 minutes ago when my kitchen was spotless and I’d just mopped…why???”


Then you remember “oh yeah, because my mom brought up gingerbread kits for my kids and started the mess while I was out shopping because she thought it would be fun.”


Every year we make these houses, trains, trees oh my! And EVERY year we vow to make the formation of the object and allow it to dry BEFORE letting the kids decorate.


And every year we forget to do that and end up with a house with a roof that slides off and a train that leans like the Tower of Pisa.DSC03695

This year we had the added pleasure of a small, okay large, icing snafu which resulted in white icing all over, and I mean ALL OVER my kitchen. I think at one point I decided we were going to have to throw out my kitchen table and bring in the big sander for the floor. (Which isn’t all bad, I’ve been wanting to re-stain my wood floor a lighter color anyway.)

I didn’t take pictures of the floor, it was too hard to see through the camera lens with the gluey mixture of tears and self-hardening icing.

Oh, and I have to remember that it wasn’t all a total failure, we did have the trees, the beloved flat stacking trees that my 4 year old was able to do virtually unattended!


So I chalk this one up to the failed craft heaven, and next year I vow to do graham cracker houses instead…or not.


  1. How funny! I am so glad that our Grandma isn't the only one who does this in our family. Nana purchases a kit every year and starts it also and doesn't finish it and I wind up pulling the project together also! Although I start out with a grimace when I see the kit, the kids love it every year and it winds up being a wonderful family activity… and never, ever, ever comes close to the pictures on the box… but the kids think they look wonderful and are always so proud of their work!Kylehttp://www.montessoriforlearning.com

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