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All About Reading Level Pre-1 is ready to order! Get it before midnight on March 7 and receive $20 in free product!

“The new All About Reading program is unique because it begins with Level Pre-1 for preschoolers and kindergarteners, and it focuses on what we call the Big Five Skills. These five fundamental pre-reading skills include letter knowledge, phonological awareness, print awareness, listening comprehension, and motivation to read. It is this specific set of skills that helps pre-readers understand the basics of language and how it works, preparing them to learn to read.

With All About Reading Level Pre-1, your child will play special games, enjoy little crafts, and engage in charming storytime activities–all the while absorbing these all-important Big Five Skills.”

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  1. I emailed AAS and here is what I got:Hi Kristin,All About Reading and All About Spelling can be used together or independently from each other.  They are designed to coordinate with each other but work well independently or with other programs as well.All About Reading Pre-1 covers phonological awareness including rhyming, learning to hear the first and last sounds in a word, and learning to hear the vowel sounds.  It will also teach letter awareness (learning the letter shapes and the names of the letters, if the child doesn’t already know them, and learning more about the print around them), the sounds of the letters of the alphabet, and more.  The instruction is through child-friendly hands-on activities, poetry, and games.  By the time the child completes the program, he has a strong foundation for reading and spelling and can easily move right into Level 1 of All About Spelling and All About Reading.

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