Buen Dia’ and welcome to our Expedition Earth week on Argentina! Did you know the Iguazu Falls are a series of falls on the Iguacu River that stretch a distance of over two miles. Their name comes from an Indian word meaning great water.  That’s just one of the cool things we learned about this week!

So of course we started by going over all the countries we’ve learned so far, then found Argentina on the map.


Here are some more of the things we covered this week:

We stamped our passports and took off on our journey!


Here are some of the things we learned on our voyage:

  • Located Argentina and The Pampas on the map, and completed our worksheet
  • Learned about the Argentina Flag and colored in our worksheet
  • Learned how to say “Hello” in Spanish – Hola (Hello) Buen Dia’ (Good Day)!
  • Prayed for the people of Argentina and Uruguay
  • Learned an Argentinian Song
  • Read: Children Just Like Me Book
  • Completed our mini lap book activity 
  • Geography from A-Z: arsh, Meander
  • Learned about and classified 6 animals of Argentina
  • Read:  Usborne Encyclopedia of World Geography
  • Learned about Iguazu Falls: The widest waterfall in the world.
  • Made Argentina Butter Cookies

Here are some of the highlights from our week:

Here is my white board, it has the country stats and song:


We learned about the flag of Argentina and completed a mapping activity.


Here’s our flag worksheet:


We learned about 6 animals from Argentina and added them to our VERY full animal classification wall.


Here were our favorites for the week: Southern Pudu, Tuco-tuco, and the Banana Spider


We made some yummy Argentina Butter Cookies.


Well that wraps up our week on Peru! Stay tuned as we head over to South Africa next week!

Click here to learn more about my Expedition Earth World Geography curriculum!


  1. I am so in love with both your curriculums. I have a question about them though. Which one should I use first for my kids. I will be using them for my 2 younger kids will be 2nd grade and preschool. Should I start with the US or the World?

  2. Found your blog from Joey's "A Different Way". We've talked about homeschooling for awhile now (our kids are still infants!), but I've always been intimidated to go past 1st or 2nd grade. I have to admit, your blog really made it look do-able and FUN. How exciting it must be to learn with your kids! Lindsey @ GrowingKidsMinistry.com

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