Welcome to another super fun kids summer bubble activity! This one is called the Giant Bubble Snakes. This was super easy and everyone had fun! Just make sure to blow through the bottle instead of ‘suck-in’…you’ll see why later…


  • Empty water bottles (I suggest stronger bottles, if you use really cheap ones the pressure of the rubber band will cause them to crumble.)
  • Old washcloth
  • Rubber Bands
  • Bubbles (Don’t have any? There’s a recipe at the bottom of this post!)



1. Cut bottom off of your plastic bottle. Cut fabric into a circle large about 2 inches larger than the bottom of the bottle.


2. Put washcloth piece over bottom of bottle and secure with a rubber band. (I suggest using strong bottles as mine were a little flimsy and kept crumbling under the pressure.)


3. Line them all up on the counter and tell a 6 year old boy that you can’t tell him what they are, it’s a surprise…..wait for him to ask another 20 times what they are…then, after he just can’t take it any longer, take him out side and show him how they work. Sorry, I like to have a little fun myself from time to time ;o)


3. Put some bubbles in a bowl and dip washcloth end of bottle into solution. We found less is more here, don’t get it too soppy wet, or it just drips out the bottom.


Keep a close eye on your Teeny Tots, you’ll see why in the next step…don’t you love that outfit….oh she’s truly one of a kind!


4. Gently blow into open end of bottle. TAKE CARE NOT TO SUCK IN THROUGH BOTTLE! You will end up with a mouth full of bubbles! Yuck!


No bubbles? Make your own!

  • 1/2 gallon water
  • 1/3 cup dawn dish-washing liquid
  • 3 tablespoons light corn syrup or sugar

Hope you have fun this summer! Relax, let your kids be kids…and make sure to join in the fun! It makes the bubble mess more tolerable ;o)


  1. You can also make it with a Milk/juice bottle lid cover with wash cloth and 2" drinking straw inserted in pre made hole in center of lid. Just soak cloth in bubble solution and blow. Less chance of mess and swallowing solution.

  2. Kids love bubbles! Although my own boys are beyond the bubble stage, my sister is a nanny to three little girls, and I would bet she'd love to try this with them. I'll send her the link to your post. Thanks!

  3. Oh, here we go again! You know you're probably going to get another mention in MY blog for this, right? Did you read about all the fun I had with the giant bubble makers? My 2 year old granddaughter was making them! Thanks so much, Erica! I LOVE your Blog! Keep up the great writing and sharing awesome ideas that my husband gets the credit for when I do all the work getting it made! LOL just kidding. It was a blast when I got the first ones made!

  4. We just made these today!! WOW!!! They were SO FUN! !My 2yo dd can actually do it…unlike other bubble tools. All the neighbor kids wanted one too! Thanks for the fun idea! We are going to try the giant bubble makers next.

  5. Can’t wait to try this out TODAY!!!!!! Looks like so much fun! Mommy will be getting in on the fun too. Of course I will have to take pics…….but I will link back & give you all the credit! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! 🙂 You aways have the coolest blog! 🙂


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