Once a month my kids get to participate in a Lego Club. It’s a super simple concept and the kids love it!



So how do you start your own Lego club? Simple, find about 6-10 kids who love Lego’s and invite them over to show off their stuff!

You’ll Need:

  • A gracious host, although you could easily rotate between moms!
  • 6-10 Lego enthusiasts (or whatever you feel is a good sized group)
  • Each participant needs to bring their creation, plus 1 bag of loose Lego’s for the challenge round.

Our coordinator sends out an email a week or so ahead of time letting us know the “theme” for the week. That gives the kids time to come up with a cool creation. We allow the kids to present whatever they want even if it doesn’t go with the theme though.

Then at our assigned meeting time we all gather to show off our stuff. Each student takes a turn giving their presentation, they say their name, what they made, and how it works.


Afterwards they are allowed to pick 3 people for questions and comments. Comments are to be kind, courtesy, and encouraging. Mostly you’ll hear “How many pieces did it take to build that?”, “How long did it take to build that?”, and “You did a great job”.


Once the presentations are over, our host will announce the challenge round. She gives a topic off the top of her head, and the kids have 5 minutes to use their bag of loose Lego’s to come up with something. Once everyone is done we do a quick round of presentations for our challenges.

After Lego time is over, the kids are given a quick snack and allowed to go outside and play a little while the mom’s hang out and get some socialization time ;o)

And that’s it! Sounds simple, and it IS! But I have to say my kids LOVE Lego time, each week they get so excited to build something fun and present it. It’s great to gain confidence speaking in front of other’s. Plus it instills creativity and respect when critiquing other people’s creations!

Let me know if you start up your own group! It’s a BLAST!


  1. I have the same question as Callie. I’m starting up a Lego club for this same age range and would really appreciate some theme/challenge ideas for the challenge build you mentioned.


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