1. Hi Rebekah,
      I typically spend about $150 or less a week, so it’s between $500-$600 for our family. I really try not to buy anything extra though, I shop right off my list which helps me stay focused, and use coupons if possible.

      If I can stick to the list, then I have more of a tendency to cook each night instead of going out or ordering in! Although I’m sure we could do better on our budget if I tried harder!

    2. You may find this helpful, I designed my pantry with labels and stock it like a grocery store. I make an inventory list of the things I want on my shelf all the time. When you have your stock organized, you only add to the grocery list the items you have used. So you are only replacing what you used for the week. I also use an app on my smart phone call “Out of Milk”, it allows you to create your inventory by scanning the bar code on all the items you wish. I use this for my grocery list and when at the store, I move it back to inventory when I put it in the basket. It allows you to make notes on each items, so if you want to list the prices of that item for HEB, Kroger etc. You then know where to shop for that item.
      Sometimes, I’m laying in bed when I remember that I need to move coffee over to my grocery list. Very easy because my phone is always with me. I find that this keeps the grocery bill down when you only replace what you used. Another words, you run your home like a business.
      You can find more on paying your self an allowance on my site. Hope this is helpful.

    1. I spend about $500 or more a month feeding my family of 7…I have hubby and I and then 4 boys ages…2,3,7,8 and a daughter who is 13 months old. She is on solids as for the most part eats with us…this doesnt include all snacks that I have to run and buy sometimes

  1. Thanks Erica for saving me time on doing my menu this month!! I totally didn’t have time to “create” my own and borrowing yours with a few minor alterations for my family (I love the word option) has been a life saver!! Thanks a bunch!

  2. Since December is a busy month, I am cooking more meals in the oven by placing meat and veggies seasoned and wrapped in foil. It makes it so easy to walk away and work while dinner is in the oven, not to mention the oven is also heating the house a bit. These meals are also fun for the little ones to cook their own meal in foil. Teaches them also a bit about cooking and is a nice way to let an older child do the cooking that night.
    My book has some wonderful idea’s to help your child become very responsible. Merry Christmas and happy cooking.

  3. Do you ever plan your meals around the sales in the grocery store or buy in bulk? I used to have a freezer STOCKED full of meat (I would take advantage of the awesome sales at our local grocery store). But we have moved and the stores here don’t have the sales like the ones back home have. Or do you just go and buy for what is on your menu? With the sales, I could feed our family of 6 for just about $100 a week…that has gone up since the stores here don’t have the meat sales I am used to. 🙁

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