Hi everyone! Back by popular demand is my What’s in the Box Wednesday! I’ve had a few emails asking what happened to this series, and so I thought I’d share another sample of a day of work in the Confessions house:

Today I’m sharing Turbo’s workboxes…in case you’ve just found my blog, he’s in 2nd Grade this year:



Drawer 1:

Bible: Grapevine Studies, and his pencil bag full of special colored pencils for our Bible study. He also has a supply tray with all of his cool pencils, a sharpener, ruler, erasers, glue, and usually a few extra boy things that manage to find their way in.

Drawer 2:

Phonics/Spelling: All About Spelling workbook, and usually a dry-erase marker and whiteboard. Also in this drawer is A Reason For Handwriting.

Drawer 3:

Math: Math U See Beta, his math blocks, and a Kumon Dollars & Cents and Kumon Telling Time book. Along with his math worksheet, I have him do one of the books each day, usually he alternates.

Drawer 4:

English/Grammar/Reading: BJU Press Level 2, Writing: Write Shop Primary, and his BJU Reading book.

Drawer 5:

Geography/History: In here is his Road Trip USA binder which includes everything he needs for the year. We do this in the afternoon usually as a group, so I just have everyone pull out their binders and turn to whatever state page we’re on for the day.

Not included in his workboxes:

  • Art: World’s Greatest Artist Study Vol. 1
  • Science: BJU Press: I found BJU Press Science 3 at a used book store and started going through the lessons. They’re fun, easy, and hands-on! (We’re still doing some of the Young Scientist Kits as we have time, but I didn’t like them as much as I hoped, so I supplemented.)
  • Typing: Typing Instructor (He does this daily, and just knows when he’s done with his other work to move over to the computer for typing and Spanish)
  • Spanish: PowerSpeak Spanish
  • P.E.: Family Time Fitness (We do this as a family, and so I keep the activity guide in my teacher area, thus no reason for anything in his boxes for it.



I quickly load his workboxes as soon as we’re done for the day to make my life a little easier. It really just takes a few minutes to pull out the next day’s worksheet. For his reading, I put a sticky note on the front of his book with several reading assignments on it. He marks them off as he goes. He recently asked to read a fun animal series from our Abeka readers, so he’s just using a bookmark to keep track and he has to read one chapter per day.

Once Turbo is done with his work, he’s free to play. It’s usually time for lunch then we do Time for Fitness PE as kind of a recess/break for them since its so fun! Then we come back inside for Road Trip USA and art or science depending on the day.


If you’re wondering why I only have 5 drawers right now its because my kiddos have talked me into letting them use the Ikea drawers instead of my JoAnn’s 10 drawer carts this year. I honestly prefer the JoAnn’s drawers just because with the Ikea ones I have to put two subjects in a couple drawers, but sometimes a little change is good, and it seemed to make them happy. I still have the other carts, and maybe we’ll put them back in action next year for a little update.

Haven’t heard of the workbox system yet?

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