Good morning everyone! I have my November 2012 Monthly Meal Plan for you today! I love this time of the year and the fresh cool air that signifies our snowy season is upon us! Not to mention its in November that I take a nice break from homeschooling to relax and enjoy the holiday season! Thanksgiving for us means Spaghetti, Meatballs, Garlic Bread, Turkey, Stuffing, and pumpkin pie. I know…it’s a lot to take in, and I am thankful that we have family and friends to help share in the celebration.

What’s up with the spaghetti you ask? Did I mention that I am Italian?


Download the November 2012 Monthly Meal Plan:

Hope you enjoy!


  1. We make rice for Thanksgiving lasagna style. I had sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and stuffing with Thanksgiving for the first time 13 years ago when I met my husband. My family’s menu consisted of stuffed mushrooms, potatoes, green beans or asparagus, and our lasagna style rice and the turkey of course (there is always a platter of breaded chicken cutlets, too). We started adding the sweet potatoes and stuffing now.
    Thanks for these monthly menus. Some of these recipes have become family favorites and such a time saver for me.

    Caterina Mangano
  2. I’ve been looking through your site and I have to say what an incredible resource you are! I love your ideas and always come away inspired. When I saw this post a couple of weeks ago, I thought about how much time and energy can be saved by doing a meal plan for the month. I’ve been doing a lot of before-hand dinner preparation with freezer crock-pot recipes that I found on Pinterest…. and that has been absolutely amazing. I’m going to do this! Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together and share it!

  3. I’m laughing at the spaghetti! I am Italian American, too, and we always used to have lasagna before the turkey. My non-Italian husband was shocked the first time he had dinner with the family and thought it was crazy!
    We don’t do this at my house (only when I was growing up and until my grandparents passed away)…it’s just way too much food.

  4. Thanks so much for these monthly menu planners! You have inspired me to pick up this organizational tool again, after many years of “winging it ” since my yougest child was born- 5 years now!! I am a retired, burnt-out, chef so my professional training has helped somewhat: but I am NOT trained to make family- friendly, low-budget meals while homeschooling 3 kids and maintaining a happy healthy home:-) Culinary school and fancy restaurants have not provided the experience needed, nor my upbringing (single mom, raising 2 kids).
    I need to know: doesn’t food prices, what’s on sale at the grocery store, seasonal availability, and couponing effect your menus at all? Your menus don’t seem to reflect that much, and I am afraid my rendition would not have great variety like yours! I’m seeing a lot of ground beef, chicken legs, spaghetti, iceberg lettuce (my former clients would die if they knew how I cook now), etc. in my family’s diet due to a limited grocery budget!
    Thaks to God I took courses in nutrition way back then…..

    darlene in nh

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