Good morning to all of you totally terrific third grade teachers! As promised last week, today I’m sharing some very cute and fun Third Grade Sight Word Caterpillar cards with you!



–> Download the Third Grade Sight Word Caterpillar <–

How to use the caterpillar sight words:

Print pages 3-6 on cardstock and laminate for durability if you choose. Page 7 includes blank caterpillar pieces so you can add your own words!

TIP: Laminate two sheets back to back so the printed sides are facing out, and the blank sides are touching. Run both sheets through your lamination machine, then cut apart and cut out circles. This will create a circle that is laminated on one side, but not on the back side. This helps with creating a backside that is not slippery and can be taped to the wall.

Add the caterpillar head to a blank area of your wall where you plan to add the caterpillar sight word cards. Add each new caterpillar sight word body part to your wall as you learn it. Review your caterpillar cards daily!

And if you  missed any of the other sight word posts, here they are for you along with a few other helpful links:


    1. Hi Jenny,
      you’re welcome to use my free printables with your students. If you choose to use a paid curriculum, I just ask that you purchase the ‘classroom’ version to use in a school class.


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