Hi everyone! October is approaching, which means fall is in the air for those of you above the equator! I love the fall crisp air, leaves change color, and warm comfy clothes!


Here are a few dates to remember to make your October a little more exciting!


  • October 1 International Day for the Elderly
  • October 3 World Smile Day
  • October 3 Yom Kippur
  • October 8 Sukkot
  • October 13 Columbus Day
  • October 13 Thanksgiving Day in Canada
  • October 16 Boss’s Day
  • October 24 United Nations Day
  • October 25 Make a Difference Day
  • October 31 Halloween


Fun Days!

October 1 – World Vegetarian Day

  • Eat your veggies today!
  • Find a fun recipe and make a vegetarian dinner

October 3 – World Smile Day

  • Self explanatory, but make sure to share a smile with those around you!
  • Check out pinterest for some healthy teeth activities

October 4 – National Golf Day

  • Head out for a game of golf with the family
  • Have younger kiddos? Play a round of mini-golf!

October 4 – National Frappe Day

  • Near and dear to my heart, you can rest assured I’ll be heading to Starbucks today!
  • Make your own Frappe

October 5 – World Teacher’s Day

  • Find a teacher you love and let them know!
  • Check out pinterest for some fun teacher gift ideas

October 8 – American Touch Tag Day

  • Head outdoors for a fun game of tag!

October 9 – Fire Prevention Day

October 10 – World Egg Day 

  • You read it, make your favorite egg recipe. I think cookies count right?

October 13 – Columbus Day

  • Make a miniature of the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria, then head to a water source and see if they float!
  • Make sure to learn the poem: “In Fourteen Hundred Ninety Two Columbus sailed the ocean blue!”

October 14 – National Dessert Day 

  • Make your favorite dessert tonight and celebrate!

October 16 – Dictionary Day

  • Take this opportunity to look up a new word today and use it in a sentence at some point!

October 26  – Mother-In-Law Day

  • Send a gift or card, and call your mother-in-law today to let them know how special they are!

October 27 – National Tell a Story Day

  • Head to the library and pick a few good read-a-loud and share them with the family after dinner.
  • Make up your own fictional story and share it with your family.

October 30 – National Candy Corn Day

October 31 – Carve a Pumpkin Day


For more fun fall ideas check out my Fall Recipes pinterest page!

And that’s it for our October holidays and fun days! have a fun October celebration in your home? Make sure to leave a comment below.

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