Hi everyone! We’ve been on spring break this week, so I’m taking the rest of the week off of blogging too!

We don’t always take a spring break, but this year allowed for it, and everyone agreed that we needed a break before we finish off our year. So I made an executive decision and gave everyone a much needed break! Also I had it already scheduled in my plan for the year, so we’ll still finish in time for summer break. Since my husband didn’t have the luxury of taking a week off, we stayed home, but still did a lot of fun activities this week!

Here’s our schedule for the week:

Monday: Denver Museum of Nature & Science – Silk Road exhibit, space odyssey, gems & minerals.
Tuesday: Movie Day! We saw the new Cinderella movie, it was really cute!
Wednesday: Planned a zoo trip, but weather foiled our plans. So we ended up going to Casa Bonita for some indoor excitement with my mom and niece.
Thursday: TBA we’re still debating on what to do for our last day. If the weather is nice, we might try a do-over for our zoo day. 

Anyone have any good suggestions to end our festivities? I’d love to hear what you’re doing this year for spring break, if you don’t take a spring break, leave a comment on what you’re doing for any break this year!

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  1. We are not taking a spring break, but last week we took a few days off. We live near Chicago and to get 70F in March is such a treat! Have you ever taken the kids on a trip on your own? I took mine twice last year and we loved it. We will be on the road by ourselves this year too. It is so nice to be able to visit neat places while everyone else is busy! Now I would not go anywhere while schools are out!

  2. This year my oldest two children will be with their father for spring break. Since we started homeschooling after Christmas break, other stuff has lacked in my house. So I am spending my spring break trying to get caught up on a few things. Like my carpet needs to be shampooed. My youngest two children are going to spend a few days with my parents so I can get those things done, and then we will probably go swimming some.

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