I’d like to give a huge THANK YOU!!!! To all those who have served to preserve our freedoms.


Each year, on November 11th, the Veterans Day National Ceremony is held  at Arlington National Cemetery. It is to honor and thank all who have served in the United States Armed Forces. The ceremony begins at 11:00 a.m. where a color guard honors America’s war dead by a wreath laying ceremony held at the Tomb of the Unknowns. The ceremonies then continue inside the Memorial Amphitheater with a parade of colors by veterans’ organizations as well as special speakers.

There are also observances throughout the country from parades to special military exhibits and tributes to veterans.


Here are some ideas to help teach your kiddos about Veterans Day:


Sing the US National Anthem, say the Pledge of Allegiance, and learn about proper USA flag handling etiquette.

Click the image below to download a printable copy of the US Pledge of Allegiance.


Make USA Flag Snacks:

Ingredients: Graham crackers, 8oz cream cheese block, 8 oz. jar marshmallow cream, 1 c.  blueberries, 1 c. strawberries-julienned.

Directions: Mix cream cheese and marshmallow cream until smooth. Spread onto graham cracker, use blueberries for stars then add strawberries for stripes.


Here are a few more fun Veterans Day lesson plans:

I hope you have a wonderful day honoring those who have served our country! Make sure to leave a comment if you have more fun Veterans Day lesson ideas.

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