Good morning readers! Today I have a great Valentine’s Day gift idea and party recipe for you!

Today we’re making some Valentine’s Day popcorn!

And truth be told, I make a version of this holiday popcorn at Christmas as well, just with a different color scheme ;o)


  • Popcorn: I use microwave popcorn, but you can use whatever you prefer. (Sometimes I get crazy and use kettle corn, yay baby!)
  • Pink and red candy melts
  • Some Valentine’s Day M&Ms or other candies you prefer
  • Optional: Gift bags (I found our cute boxes at Michael’s Craft Store)




Step 1:

Start off by popping your popcorn, then spreading it out over some waxed paper.


Step 2:

Next melt your candy melts in a glass container. I melted mine in the microwave. Check and stir the candies every 30 seconds until it is nice and smooth.



Step 3:

Next drizzle your pink mixture on to the popcorn using a spoon. Repeat with the red candy.



Step 4:

Finish it up by sprinkling some Valentine’s M&Ms over the melted candy while it is still soft. That way your M&Ms will stick!



Step 5:

It should look something like this when you’re done. Now let the melted candy cool.



Step 6:

Once the candy is cooled, break it up into pieces and serve in a bowl. Or add some to party favor boxes like these and give them out to your friends & family!



I hope you enjoy this popcorn as much as we did!

All I can tell you is that little bowl in the background was gone about 2 seconds after I took this picture!



  1. These were great. I now have saved some blue m&m’s and purchased some white vanilla melts (team colors) for a treat when my daughter’s have pee wee games and cheering competitions! Yay for quick and easy treats!


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