Hi everyone, most of you know we moved to a new house 2 years ago and we’re enjoying it so much. We’re right off of the lake so that makes for lots of fun fishing trips, and afternoons at the beach! And since we live in Colorado this is probably the closest thing I’ll get to living at the beach LOL!


Jason took this photo, and I love it! It captures perfectly how nice it is to hang out and relax by the lake during the summer evenings!



My husband loves to fish and the kids do too, so they go down all of the time in the summer and hang out. He’s always taking a brood of kids down to fish.



Miss Lady Bug is his number one fishing buddy. She’ll go even if the weather is poor. She loves to hang out with her daddy and catch all of the fish. She’s actually done a pretty good job of it too!



They usually throw the fish they catch back, but today Turbo and his friend were excited to fry it up and have a taste. It wasn’t too bad either! A little fishy though, go figure Winking smile



We also spend lots of time playing with friends, and hanging out at the beach area. Turbo likes to bring his metal detector down there to see if he’ll get lucky. But they usually end up playing in the sand and surf!



As you can see we’re making the most of the beautiful scenery surrounding us, and enjoying every minute of our new home!


I hope you are all enjoying your days as well!

Happy Homeschooling!


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