Hey guys! Do you have a student who likes to build stuff? Do you have one who is interested in electronics? Well I have a super cool project  to share with you today! EEME sent me this really fun Project AMP kit to review and I have to say that it’s been really cool.


Turbo is always into building things, and he loves things that end up turning on in some fashion. He’s recently taken up guitar as well, so he’s somewhat familiar with amplifiers and the like. So when they asked if I wanted to do the Project Amp review I was all over it!

Project Amp is a fun kit where your child will learn to  build an entire speaker amplifier system as well as learn how it all works in the process. You can order it a 6 month subscription where you’ll be mailed one kit per month. Or you can get the whole thing at once. This particular kit is recommended for kids ages 10 and up.

EEME also offers hands-on projects and free online lessons to help teach kids all about electronics and foster their curiosity for how things work. As well as other project kits you can purchase. It’s also a great prep for future involvement in STEM. Each month’s project builds upon the skills learned in the previous month.

Here’s Turbo waiting patiently for me to take a picture so he could get started.



The first kit comes with several wires, a Breadboard, a light, wire clippers, a battery pack and battery, a resistor, a few connectors, an LED Light and a measuring board. Basically each kit comes with everything you need to complete that month’s project.



One thing I really liked was that they include quite a bit of practice wire and encourage students to practice several times until they’re able to get a consistent good strip from the wire. This did take some time because the wire is delicate and he was cutting the wire itself instead of the casing at first. He quickly got the hang of it though and moved on to the next lesson. I even tried a few myself!



As I mentioned we started out with Project Amp Kit 1, which gives you basic supplies along with several video tutorials explaining general electrical terms, and how the Breadboard works. Once you get through those you build a few beginner level projects.

I really like the interactive videos, they make it super easy to learn and to be able to see what to do which can be difficult in a written manual. I also like that you can repeat or pause the lessons as necessary. They also do a really good job explaining what everything is and how proper circuits are created as well.


The first project we built was a light.  We learned all about Breadboards, LED’s, Resistors, wires, and how to create a circuit.

He had to strip two wires, then create a circuit along with the battery pack to turn the light on.



The light worked right away which was cool. Instant gratification at it’s best!


So far I really like these kits, they’re very well put together and directions are excellent. The only thing he’s not super happy about is that the kits only come once a month. And he really wanted to move on to the next one.

That said he can’t wait for the next one to get here, and every time there’s a box in the mail he’s hopeful it’s another Project Amp kit!

For more information on EMME products check out the links below! And I’ll be posting pics on social media as we go along and will be doing another review once we get closer to the end of the project to let you all know how it’s going!

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