Hey guys and welcome back to another video in my Quilting 101 series. Today I’m sharing my tips and tricks for piecing a quilt top.


Usually when you talk about quilting most people think of a finished quilted product. But quilting can be separated into two main parts. Piecing your quilt usually refers to taking smaller pieces of fabric, and sewing them together to create an overall design for your quilt top. You can piece your quilt back side if you want to as well.

The actual quilting comes in when you create a quilt sandwich using backing fabric, batting and your pieced quilt top. You can either hand quilt or machine quilt the layers together using your preferred method of quilting. I’ll be doing a video on various ways to quilt coming soon!

So now that we’ve cleared that up, today I’m going to share some helpful tips for piecing your quilt top as well as some common terminology that will help you follow quilt patterns.

Watch Quilting 101: How to Piece a Quilt Top here!

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  1. I appreciate the information on quilting. I had no idea that the actual quilting comes in when you create the sandwich and you put the backing on the quilt top, I thought it was just the top that was the quilting. My wife is looking to get into quilting and wanted a few tips, I will be sure to direct her to this site.

  2. In the video “How to Piece a Quilt” you show a ruler that you put over your machine that helps with 1/4″ and diagonal piecing. What was that called. It was was flexible. I can’t find it.

    Elizabeth Joyce
  3. Good morning Erica! I am 71 yrs old. Nd have been quilting for several yrs. However, I have learned so much from watching your videos recently ! Thank you! You are an excellent teacher! Could you please direct me to a affiliate link for piecing thread? I will buy through your site to help you as you’ve helped me. 👍😀
    Sue M

    Susan Martin

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