Hi everyone! I’m back with a new video in my beginner friendly How to Knit series! Last time I showed you how to knit English & Continental style, and today I’ll be showing you how to do the PURL STITCH English style. This style is fairly common and just takes a little practice!

Keep in mind there are several different techniques to do the purl stitch. I’ve tried a few different ways and this was the easiest for me, so hopefully it helps some of you out as well! Feel free to use whichever method works best for you Smile


Ready to get started?

Watch my How to Knit: The Purl Stitch (English Style) video tutorial here!

More Knitting Fun!

And that’s it, as you can see the purl stitch is super easy and is used often in patterns so it’s important to learn! Practice this stitch as much as you like and then we’ll meet back up here for the next video in my series!

Stay tuned for more How to Knit videos coming soon! If you have a knitting skill you’d like a video tutorial on, make sure to leave a comment below!

Thanks for joining me today and happy knitting!

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  1. Very interesting and informative video! I like how you explained the difference between flicking the yarn and manually moving it over. I think people waste a lot of time stopping and moving the yarn although it does help beginners at first like you said. This is a lost art and it’s good that you’re explaining it so people can get back to knitting again. 🙂

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