Today we are going to talk about the inevitable: teaching multiple grades all at the same time. It is one of the biggest challenges in homeschooling, but fear not, it can be done!

Today I will be talking about how I manage multiple grades all at the same time. And we will discuss which subjects we do as a group, and which ones are better left to independent work.

Group Work: We work on our Daily Learning Notebooks, bible, science, history, literature, art, and music as a group. For the most part this works for more elective type subjects. We also do Calendar Time together for the younger students. Then move onto independent grade levels for core subjects such as math, english, reading, and spelling.

Independent Work: After our group work is done, we move on to independent studies. This is a great opportunity to teach your kids how to work on their own. During this time I am available to help as needed, and if I am working with one child and someone else needs help, they learn patience by waiting their turn. I move from child to child during this time making sure anyone who needs help gets it, but I also encourage them to do their best to think on their own. Learning problem solving skills without asking for help immediately will be a huge benefit to your homeschool and your child!

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