Happy Tutorial Thursday friends! Today we’re making this super easy gingham quilt! This pattern comes with instructions for a baby, twin, queen, and king-sized quilt so you can make one that fits your bed perfectly. Plus it includes an extra bonus pattern for matching pillowcases!

Watch the Easy Gingham Quilt video tutorial here!

I used Sweetwater Christmas fabrics for mine and I love it! But you can really make this pattern from any fabric you like. I think blue, aqua, and white would be so fun, and of course the traditional buffalo check of black, grey, and white would also be adorable!

Download the Gingham Quilt + Pillowcase PDF Pattern here!

(If the above link doesn’t work for you, try RIGHT clicking the link, then select ‘save file as’.)

Supplies Used in this video:


    1. Hi All.
      I was able to download the link (on my phone) by clicking and holding the link text, then choosing “Open Link on…. (whichever internet browser you have).”

      Then, I chose “download file.” I then saved it to my Google Drive.

      I received an “error message” on the actual web page after clicking, but I still had the option to download it on a pop up button.

      I hope that helps and makes any sense at all.

  1. This tutorial and pattern are awesome! This is my first quilt so it’s going great, however I got a little confused as there are a couple of typos in the pdf for the twin quilt – the number of strips is actually half as many listed, I couldn’t figure out how there could be so many until I sat down and did some math and at one point in the instructions it says 21 rows instead of 19 for the twin also. Since that’s the quilt I’m working on that’s all I noticed. Thanks again for a fun project!

    Heather Blake
    1. But maybe it’s different because I didn’t cut mine in half first so really I have the number you indicate (I left mine folded the way it comes off the bolt for easier cutting, so it’s one long strip) … I’m new to sewing so it wasn’t quite clear to me, everything else though is clear, especially the video, thanks so much!

      Heather Blake

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