Pen Pals

I found this idea at The Homeschool Post and thought it was such a great idea, I had to share!


We started a notebook that will contain letters between me and my daughter, its a great relationship building activity and will become a wonderful keepsake down the road! (Not to mention that it works on handwriting, spelling, and writing at the same time, and you know, if you can sneak in a little school, hey!)

But really I’m hoping to gain some treasured insight into my daughter and what goes on in that sweet head of hers. As well as strengthen our bond, and even give us some “1 on 1” time with each other that can be difficult to find in a family of 6.

I copied Beverly’s initial letter almost to the T:

“Dear ****, Would you like to be pen pals? I thought it would be fun! Instead of mailing letters to each other, we’ll keep them in this notebook.

I will write to you, and leave the notebook on your bed. Then, when you want to write me back, you write on the next page and leave the notebook on my bed. You can write anything you like. It can be funny or serious or anything you want to write. Sound like fun?

Love, Mom
P.S. Write back soon!”

I placed the notebook in one of my daughter’s workboxes for the initial introduction to it. After that we will leave it on each other’s bed. I’ll post updates to this post to let you know how it goes, and a HUGE thanks to The Homeschool Post for sharing such a wonderful idea!

So far, my daughter is LOVING this, and checks frequently in anticipation of her next letter. I’m hoping it will be a great treasure to look back on as the years roll by.


  1. I LOVE this idea! Now if only my daughter were old enough to read and write! :)Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've been doing this for several years with a young girl in our church. It's a easy and fun way to connect with her, and it's turned into a kind of mentor relationship. :o)

  3. love it!

  4. Great idea! I started this a couple of years ago with my oldest three, but it fizzled out about six months ago…I am putting it on my to do list to dig out the notebooks and get going again!

  5. Such a sweet, sweet idea! Mine are too little now, but I'd love to do this later on when they get bigger. 🙂 I loved actually penpalling when I was young- the excitement of actually mailing and receiving a letter… I had pals from all over the world! A beautiful art (letter writing) that seems to be disappearing…

  6. Amber, That's Me! says:

    What a cool idea!

  7. WOW! I Love it!

  8. I love this idea. Wonder if it will work for boys?? I will have to wait a few years, so I hope I don't forget this wonderful relationship building idea!So many great ideas on your blog!

  9. wow, great idea! 😀

  10. i've heard of this before and had forgotten about it…thanks for reminding me!

  11. How precious! This brought tears to my eyes! What a wonderful idea! I will definitely remember this when my children can read and write.

  12. This reminded me of an old jotter my Best Friend and I had!! We were in the same group but different subjects so in between switching classrooms we used to switch the book and write in it during our lessons!! We completed three jotters in our years together! I wonder if she still has it?I can't wait do start this with my daughters … in a few years time!

  13. Oh, I LOVE this idea!!! I am totally going to do this!!!!!!!1

  14. What a great way to connect with your children! I am starting this today!

  15. I have done this off and on with my kids. Some times they would write to dad or a sibling. Some times it would be to a pet. I just reinstated this a month ago with my 8yo. She is not writing on her own yet but has no problem dictating notes to me. By the time she is able to compose on her own we will be in the groove for sure. I've kept my other kids journals. Sounds like a good time to pull them out and reminisce.

  16. What a neat idea! I think I am going to have to start this too. Thank you for sharing this.

  17. I started one with my six year old step son right away! I love this idea!I also started one for my 20 month old daughter, but right now it will just be letters to her and possibly pictures she draws and such. I want her to know about her day to day child hood, how much I love her,and how crazy she drives me! I also hope this will help explain why her brother isn't always around, and the harder parts of life. I also want my kids to know they can talk to me about anything and I think this will open that door for them! Watch for my blog post about it!

  18. I love this idea! I'll definitely be doing it. It's a terric way to practice skills, preservwe the art of letter writing (real) and connecting with our kids. My 17yo daughter has a box on her desk even today that is filled with several years worth of lunch bag notes I wrote to her. Handwritten communication is very special.

  19. I do this with my husband actually. When we were dating and at different colleges, we would write each other letters all the time, so we continued it after we got married, but we write in a journal. Great idea to do it with the kids too!

  20. That's a cute idea!

  21. Awww! I used to do this with my little sister. *sigh* I may have to do this!

  22. This is such a good idea. My oldest daughter did this with her grandmothers. She had one for each of them. They took a long time in sending them back, so it just kinda fizzled out after a couple of years. I was really hoping it would work since we live 16 hrs. from one and 20 hrs. from the other grandma.

  23. I've done this with my husband, but hadn't thought about how special it would be to do with one of my children!

  24. Melissa says:

    Fabulous idea! I'll definitely be using this with my daughter this fall when we start school!

  25. Oh my gosh! I cannot wait to be able to do this with my daughter one day. My husband and I did a similar journal when we were dating long distance. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  26. I think that is awesome! I can't wait until my daughters are old enough to read and write! I've heard of this before and think it could be very insightful. I'm not good at keeping up with scrapbooking but I have found that journaling is something that I can manage to do from time to time. I keep a journal to each of my three kids. Every now and then I write letters to them telling them what is happening in life at the time, what their favorite things are, and sometimes words of wisdom. I'm not fully decided when I'll give them their book, but I know I would treasure something like that from my childhood.

  27. Just started this most awesome idea with my almost 6 year old daughter tonight. I am much better at writing my feelings, rather than verbally sharing them. This is a great tool to have as the years go by. Thank you for sharing!

  28. My daughter does this with my husband. I find it not only helps build their relationship, but helps connect him to our days.

  29. I love this idea! For writing/reading practice my husband and I have written letters back and forth with Rylan, but storing all the letters is a bit of a pain, this is such a simple way to eliminate all the single sheets of paper and a will be a wonderful keepsake…thanks for sharing!

  30. This is such a great idea…thank you for sharing it! I'm going to start it this week.

  31. I love, love, love this idea! My daughter and I have started this after reading your post and we love it. Thanks for posting. What a way to keep some awesome memories!!Shelley 🙂

  32. What a sweet idea, I'll keep it in mind for when my daughter is old enough to read/write.

  33. This is such an awesome idea!!! I just started this with my kids today and they love it! I do have a little one that is 4 and not quite writing words and sentences. With her I am planning to write letters, numbers and shapes for her to practice until we get to writing. I may even ask her to draw me a picture of her favorite thing of the day.

  34. Great idea! I have journals for each of my children, and for a while now I make entrys around their birthdays. My oldest daughter actually has a pen pal, but not my second child. I just found an empty pretty journal and wrote my first entry to her. I am looking forward to this. Thanks for sharing!

  35. My Husband and I do that exact thing… we write to each other. I've always planned to do it to my girls when they get a little older

  36. Hey there! I am so glad you are implementing this and enjoying it so much! Thanks for sharing! :)Beverly @ The Homeschool Posthttp://www.hsbapost.com

  37. THANK YOU! I have been on the look out for something to make my daughter learn to love to write. There are a lot things on the market that are supposed to do the trick, but they just don't look like they will achieve the goal of LOVING writing. Last year we tried writing letters to people of her choosing each week, but then I would not get around to mailing them. She lost enthusiam with that really quick, of course…. my fault. So maybe letter writing this Summer between the two of us will be just the thing to get her loving it.

  38. Wow, I LOVE this idea!!! Thanks for sharing! I write to my children in journals for them to have when they're grown, but I LOVE this idea so much!!! 🙂

  39. I remember my English teacher in highschool doing this with us. We each had a book that we could write/journal any thoughts about and then give it to her to reply. It was all private of course, but it was great to share what was on our minds, who we had crushes on, what we were struggling with etc and get great input 'off the record' from a wise adult (who was probably just fresh out of teacher training and we were all about 17….). But it was brilliant and I had forgotten all about it. Now it's on my list of things to do with Little Moo when she's older. Thank you for sharing, x

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