Letter A for Apple

Welcome to my new version of the Letter A preschool printables! I’m updating a few letters and had some fun ideas for Apples so here they are!

lettermatchpromo Letter A Memory Verse:

All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23
Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7

For our verses and accompanying games/stories we use the following books:
ABC Memory Verses & My ABC Bible Verses

Apple Large Floor Numbers: I made these large floor numbers so that we can play a hopscotch type game. I call out a number and she jumps to it! You could also have them put the cards in numerical order. The number cards go from 1-10.


Capital A/Lowercase a matching game: This is a great way to match up lowercase and uppercase letters. Simply cut the apples from pg2 and place them on top of the same or opposite letter case on the tree.


Apple Counting: This comes with a number sheet to go with it. I put velcro on the blank squares next to the apples and on the backs of the number cards. Then have your child match the number card to the apples based on how many seeds are on each apple. If you want you can cut each card out and make it into a booklet like the butterfly sample below:


Apple Color Puzzles: Cut out each apple then cut it in half in various ways to create color matching puzzles. Name each color as you put them together.


Apple Letter Matching: This is a fun letter matching activity, that practices both upper and lowercase letters recognition! If you’re looking for more challenge, use the uppercase card with the lowercase letter disks or visa versa! (The download includes upper and lowercase letter disks and activity cards) Click here to see how to make the letter disks.


Letter A Do-A-Dot Page: We use Do-a-Dot Art Markers with this!


Letter Aa Tracing Card: I made this for kiddos who aren’t quite ready for my pre-writing or writing practice books. Its large and easier to trace. You could use markers, or laminate and use with Expo Dry Erase Markers


Letter A Poke Page: Instead of tracing, we are going to use a toothpick, or we have these cute Oversized Push Pins, to poke holes through the paper in the shape of the letter. Print on regular paper for easier poking, and do this one on carpet :) Another idea would be to hole punch along the lines of the letter as well. Both work on motor skills!

apoke copy

Letter A Coloring Page: We color this, paint it, or use markers. I found some that fit my 3 year old well, they’re called Pip-Squeaks Washable Markers, we also use Do-a-Dot Art Markers with this!


Letter A Scissor Skills Practice: Simple print and let your child try cutting along the lines!


Letter A Magnet Page: I use this with a cookie sheet and these pom-pom magnets I made from pom-poms and self-sticky magnets from the craft isle in Wal-mart. I also use these magnets from Amazon: Power Magnets, 0.78 inch Diameter, Assorted Colors


Letter A Pattern Activity: Cut out the game pieces on the bottom and use them to complete the pattern on the card above.


Letter A Puzzle: Cut along the lines to create a fun 6 piece puzzle for your preschooler


Letter A Scavenger Hunt: Fill the box with things that start with A! Some ideas: apple, acorn, avocado, ant.


Letter A Shapes Matching Puzzle: Simply cut these little apple cards in half for fun shape matching puzzles. Make sure to discuss each shape as you go!


Letter A Size Sorting: Put these in order small to big or big to small then discuss which is largest, smallest and medium.


Letter A Cut-n-Paste: Let your child cut out the tree and apples and glue them onto a sheet of construction paper. This practices scissor skills as well as pasting, plus it’s just fun!


Letter A Pre-Writing Practice: I laminated these then cut them out along the lines, hole punched the corner and used an o-ring to bind them together like a little booklet like the Butterfly Sample below. Use dry-erase markers to practice writing numbers.


Apple Lacing Card: I make sure to laminate this one for durability, then punch with a hole punch every inch or so for lacing practice. Teach them patterns to do with this as well, like up from the bottom each time, or in-out-in-out sewing. Whatever pattern you can think of.


11 x 11 Pin Geoboard: We use these to make letters, numbers, shapes etc!


Foam Letter Builders: I cut the shapes from foam and let her use them to make the letters. You could also use my Magnetic Letter Builders as well!

Finger Tracing Paint Bag: This is simple and fun, I filled a bag with tempura paint, you could also use cheap shaving cream. Then I’ll tape it to her desk for her to practice writing her letter on using her finger. You could also skip the bag and put shaving cream on your counter if you’re feeling brave ;o) After we do the letters we do numbers, shapes, and whatever else we can think of! (Pretend like the G on the bag below is an A, sorry I’m lazy and didn’t take an A photo!)


Letter Collage Worksheets: The download includes letters A-Z as well as a collage idea sheet. We use the collage items as objects to decorate our letters for an alphabet book. We also color, paint, and stamp them. Since we use both upper and lowercase, I have provided both for you! Click here to download the Letter Collages:

Apple math file folder game downloaded from File Folder Fun

Color Cubes: I use our Large Alphabet Lacing Cards to serve as templates for our 1″ building blocks. We pick 2 colors of blocks and do a pattern as we form the letters! We also use them for lacing practice, but this was a variation since I’ve been making the shaped lacing cards too! Click here for more fun with Creative Color Cube Activity Cards


Letter Bead Lacing: I’ll put an index card in this box with the word “apple” so she knows the order of the letters. I got my lacing beads from Lakeshore Learning but these look more fun to me: Bead Bazaar Lacing Kits – Alphabet Lacing Kit

Play Balloon Volleyball: A good friend of mine over at 7renfros suggested a fun game called “Balloon volleyball”, its basically a toddler-friendly version of regular volleyball. Kids take turns batting a balloon up in the air, with the goal of trying to keep it off the ground as it floats downward. You can shout out words that start with the letter “A” each time you hit the balloon! Thanks Melissa, great idea!

Letter Identification: Pick out the letter “A” and “a” from the others using Magnetic Alphabet Letters and whiteboard:

Letter Hunt: I created some Letter Hunt worksheets that you can download.

Kumon ABCs Uppercase Write & Wipe Flash Cards, they also have lowercase cards and Numbers.

Apple Prints: Cut an apple in half and make prints with paint!

Family Fun Night: Have some Apples, Ants on a log, or Apricot pork chops with apple pie and watch one of these:

Letter A Reading:


More Letter A Fun and Crafts:

See my Money Saving Tips for help with printing, laminating and FAQs!

For More Preschool Ideas and Activities visit Preschool Corner!


  1. Thanks for always sharing your ideas! You are such a blessing to many of us homeschooling mamas!!

  2. Great activities, as always – thanks :-)

  3. Yea! I was wishing A was for apple instead of ant ; ) It fits in with fall.

  4. yehey.. thanks for sharing! wonderful!

  5. Wonderful, as always! Thank you so much for sharing, i truly appreciate it!Maria

  6. Yay! Love the apple pages. 😀 These will be great when we "officially" row "how to make an apple pie and see the world." 😀 Thanks so much for all you do!

  7. Erica-just have a question…will you use the A is for apple with your preschooler this fall, or do you think the activities will be too easy for her? Also, do you teach uppercase first, or lower?

  8. Thank you! These are fantastic!

  9. So many great ideas! I can't wait to use them with my son someday.

  10. Anonymous: I will probably do the A is for Apple just to change it up for her, we're repeating the activities this year b/c I don't want to put her into kindergarten at 4!

  11. Like this new apple!! I am wondering if you are going to be switching many letters. My printer and laminator has been in high gear after downloading your curriculum. Will you be making a link available for those who have paid to have your curriculum, and should I put my printing on hold? I am up to 0 right now. Want to make sure I get the latest edition! One more question – will you be uploading a new version of your lesson plans to coordinate with this change? (I know, very likely premature question, but it was on my mind.) Thanks much!

  12. Connie: Yes, I'm switching my lesson plans over to the apple b/c I like it better. You can just download it here though as from now on it will be in the A-E download and you probably don't want to re-download the whole thing. If you email me with your email address I'll send you an updated Lesson Plan.

  13. I'm so excited to see this! I've been working to get all my Tot School weeks prepared in advance by the end of August, and was wishing for more apple activities. This is *perfect*! Thanks for your hard work…it's very much appreciated!

  14. I bought Crayola Washable Dry Erase Crayons, and I LOVE them! They work so well on laminated pages. It comes with a cute little mitt to erase. Thanks for all your printables, we LOVE them!!

  15. Shaving cream IN A BAG! Now there is a genius idea!

  16. Are you going to be updating the review as well since it has ant pictures on it instead of apples?

  17. Love all these ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

  18. What great activities and ideas – thank you!I'm Lisa C. from the homeschool Crew. I'm following you on Google Friend now. Looking forward to reading much more – I have a preschooler.God bless!Lisa C. from the

  19. Just found your blog and wanted to say hi! Great ideas. :-) Have a great week!Blessings,Jill

  20. Erica, I love this!!!! Apples are so cute for fall. Can't wait to use it with my kids!! Thank you fo sharing!

  21. I absolutely love your stuff! I have been searching for preschool materials that are simple and easy for me to get ready. I have a newborn and a 10 year old as well and was wondering how I was going to engage my preschooler this year. Your materials will do just that! Thank you! I saw a few people mention the TOS Crew. I was on the original Crew when it started. It's such a great opportunity and blessing. Good luck with that this year.

  22. These are great! We will be studying apples and I needed a few more supplemental materials. I don't comment enough, but want to thank you for all of your great ideas and printables.

  23. Are you going to be updating a lot of letters. I have been wanting to download your curriculum set, and didn't know if that would be updated too. If so, any time frame?Thanks! I absolutely love your site!!

  24. Thank you so much for sharing! I am going to use many of these downloads with my daughter this fall.

  25. Erica – thank you for all your hard work………..well worth the price!I am having a hard time finding the apple math file folder game on Homeschool Share…………any tip as to where I will find it?thanks!

  26. Carolyn: No, I'm just updating the A b/c I like apples. I'm may update M soon because of dietary restrictions for some people and possibly V b/c one person didn't like the valentines but we'll see. I'm not changing those in the downloaded curriculum set b/c I like m&ms; and valentines! They'll just be an alternative that people can choose if they want. :0)

  27. Wendy: Sorry, I had the link wrong! Here's the apple file folder game:

  28. Oh these are cute, pity we have already covered Ant. I think I may just download these anyway

  29. Wow I am gonna have to bookmark this and come back, there are to many great downloads here thank you!

  30. Wanted to let you know that I love your site. I am a mom but not a homeschooler. I have 3 boys 20,13,& 10 and I ran a family home childcare for many years as well as teaching many years of preschool. I am currently finishing my degree in EC an look forward to using some of your resources in my classroom. Everyday as I look at all of the EC and homeschooling sites, ultimatly I end up right back here. Thank you for all of your hard work as a mommy and a teacher :o)

  31. Just wanted to comment and say, thank you so much for all of the time you have put into this! I just found your blog today and I am completely blown away and grateful! I have a Kindergartner this year, a 3 yr. old and a 2 yr. old and we will most definitely be using these! Your blog has also encouraged me as a homeschooler. Love your menu plans, too!! Thanks again and I linked to your blog, here: ~Blessings, Jules


  33. ANONYMOUS: If we don't use do-a-dot markers with that activity we'll often put stickers in each circle or color them, but my dd prefers the stickers!

  34. Thanks so much for your work !!

  35. Hi!! Thanks for all of your hard work putting this together.Unless I am mistaken, I think there is an error in the capital/lower-case letter match game. I just printed out the game and there were not enough capital letter A's to cover the apples on the tree. When my child got to the end, there was one capital letter A on the tree and only a lower case a to match it with.

  36. Alright, please ignore my last comment. There is not an error in the capital/lower-case letter matching game. We did it again and it worked fine.OBVIOUSLY Mommy is having trouble matching *her* capital and lowercase letters…. LOL

  37. Cathy: I think your dd may have mis-matched one of the capital A's to a lowercase a? We did it as well, and I just checked my printable and the letter’s are correct. I used photoshop and I just used the same exact apples, just “hid” the tree layer. Thanks!

  38. Thank you for sharing all of this. I have an 8 month old and I will soon be taking care of my two preschool-age nieces so I appreciate all these resources. I figure I can practice on them and have all the materials ready for my daughter when she is ready.

  39. Just getting started with letter A today, love your Letter of the Week curriculum! Thanks for all the hard work! Linked in this post –

  40. wow wow wow! There are so many fantastic things on your website…it's going to take me days to look at everything, but thanks for taking the time to do your blog. It's totally inspiring…something I just needed to inspire me to a new school year here in Australia, and after bringing 2 of my kids back to homeschooling after spending just over a year in a "christian" school.

  41. THANK YOU! for everything you have available on your site! It is helping me get started with my 2, almost 3, year old. B.L.E.S.S.I.N.G.S. to you!!!

  42. Hi! I am having trouble downloading some of the printables (applecoloring.pdf, applecutting.pdf, applecutpaste.pdf) – 4share says the link is missing. Please help!

  43. Naxi: I apologize, I think 4shared is having issues, I'm trying to re-upload the file to see if that helps and it won't let me upload. Sorry, I can only ask that you come back and try again later. They might be getting hit hard right now.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I was just wondering if you have large alphabet letters for the tree (as in one per page) or is there a way to print them larger or what font do you use so I can create some larger ones? Thanks, Anthea

  45. Very cute! I'm going to be doing letter A with my twins for Tot school this week. . .you have some great ideas! Thank you!

  46. I am excited to be starting your curriculum with my 4 year old next week!! I really like the Apple Folder Game, but when I linked to it I could not find one that looks like your picture. Did you change up the game at all? It looks like it is just matching on the site, but in your picture it looks a bit more fun!!! Thanks so much for all of your hard work!

  47. I have to tell you I am a little behind the ball, but starting your Letter of the Week with my 3 yr old this week. This morning we were doing the Apple coloring sheet and he did the cutest thing. We grew tomatos this summer and told him he couldn’t pick the green ones because they weren’t ready to eat yet. So while coloring this morning he colored all the apples green, then went back and colored them red, because “The green ones aren’t ready momma… Now they are red, now they are ready!”

    I just had to share!

  48. Thank you so much for making these wonderful printables! I used some at my neighborhood co-op preschool, they are so wonderful! I featured your work on my website!


  49. Toshia korkmaz says:

    Im sorry to ask maybe a silly question. However i am at a lose of were to start planing home schooling. Could you give me a little insight on how much it would cost and when to start. Basically how to start thinking about it. My son is 2 now and i want to plan now. Am i even able\qualified to do this, i really dont know, so please send me a reply!^_^

  50. This wonderful. Saves me so much planning time. Saw you have two verses per letter. Did your kids memorize two verses each week or just one? Also, looked up the book My ABC Memory Verses and can’t find a table of contents. Can you share what verses are included in that book? From the other preview pages available online it looks like something I’m really interested in but I just wanted to make sure I was planning for the same verses. Thanks!

    • Kathy,
      No I usually just picked one verse, but I put both on the post so you could pick which you liked better. Most of the verses are from the book, a few were added by me.

  51. Hi Erica,

    I just emailed you but I was wondering where I can get the font that you use for the dot to dot letter worksheets. I want to create worksheets with their names to use with bingo dotters. Can you fill me in?


  52. Thank you so much for these amazing resources! My son is enrolled in a neighborhood preschool, but you have provided us with so many fun things to practice and learn at home as well! My four year old is loving everything I’ve printed so far! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing ideas.

  53. Hi! I just bought the letter of the week curriculum and am so excited to start it! I was wondering though if you could give me the link to the large alphabet lacing cards. The link on this page keeps coming up blank for me. Any help would be appreciated :)



  54. Got it :) Nvm! Thanks so much!

  55. I tried the link you provided for the free “search & find letter” worksheets at It is not working :( Any chance you have those files & would be willing to email them to me?

  56. Would you consider telling me how you learned/where I could learn to make my own worksheets like this? I LOVE yours and have just started using them– but I want to do a concurrent unit that explores an animal just to put some nature and tactile experiences into the mix– the worksheets would actually explore the habits or body parts of the animal or something. Anyway I want to make my own coloring sheets on something like the mockingbird and its wing structure etc — okay so TMI I know, I’m just wondering how to learn to make worksheets :-)

  57. Amanda C says:

    Beginning Reading Letter Hunt is gone but theres another letter hunt at

  58. These are so awesome and I’d LOVE to use them, but they are coming up as .exe files and are asking tp run an application when I go to open the file. Is that right? One of them would not go through my anti virus saying it was a threat. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong…. Any ideas?

  59. I love your apple color puzzles and would like to use them for a pocket chart activity. Could you please make a white, green, black and brown apple to complete the colors in my poem? Thanks!

  60. Hi! Would you be willing to make the apple color puzzles also in green, white, black & brown? I would love to use them for a pocket chart activity. Thanks!

  61. thanks for all your work and sharing heart… I am a mother of three daughters. They are 3, 22 months, and 2 months now. I try so hard not to get too stressed out, but right now, I find myself exhausted at the end of each day…anyway, I wanted to sincerely thank you for sharing all these because right now I am teeaching abcs and numbers to my first daughter, and your work have been scuh a help! Thanks a lot. your faith also encouraged me too because I am a christian too. Thank God for you… being such a great instrument of God^^

  62. Hi!
    For some reason it’s not allowing me to print these on iLivid. I will click on the link and nothing happens. I wondered if you had any tips for how I can get this to work.
    Love your site!

  63. Domansell says:

    Just started your preschool cirriculum with my 2 year old. He loves it so much and looks forward to doing a little bit more each day. He’s loving that he is getting more opitunities to use scissors and begs to use the do-a-dot markers again. Even though he’s not so skilled at some of the work yet it’s not stopping him from having a go.

    When we finish the set work for the day an I ask if he wants to go play with his cars or outside in his sand pit (usually much loved activities), he says he doesn’t want to because ‘it would be boring!’

    I am loving that you’ve designed a lesson plan to go with the materials. I’ve tried other activities, but I always got stuck on working out when where hows. It’s nice to know what I have to organize in advance an know that it is all there waiting for me to print out and put in his draws.

  64. I am just more thankful for your blog and email and all the wonderful help than I am able to say!!! I have been trying to get into a preschool flow and all your ideas and worksheets and easy info on how you do everything is just what I need!! I will be starting actual homeschooling this year and was starting to doubt being able to. I am just so grateful God led me to you!! Thanks for everything you do!!

  65. Malou Dayao-de Guzman says:

    Thank you so much Erica! You are heaven sent not just to your home but to ours and to so many others:)

  66. Wow! You are such an inspiration to so many. I am a new homeschool mom and I’m already finding myself wanting to use many of your ideas. I pray that the Lord can use me to teach my children like He has used you. I will be working on trying to purchase your curriculums! Thank you so much!

  67. Hi, Erica! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas! We are using Expedition Earth this year and we couldn’t be more excited. I also have preschoolers, and I was wanting to download some of these Apple activities (and Butterfly for next week!) but the links aren’t working for me. When I click on them, it takes me to the 4shared site, but then when I click “download” it says the link is invalid. Are these still available for download? Thanks!!

  68. Is there anyway to download any of these ideas? None of them are working for me.

  69. Hi Erica! I’m in a Child Development class in college for a degree in Education and am also a mother to a beautiful and bright four year old. I have to develop a teaching blog for my class and I posted a link to your page because your blog is beautiful and has amazing resources! Thank you for sharing! :)

  70. Hi, I really wanted to use these for my preschooler, they look great, but when I tried downloading some of the files, the 4shared website says, “The file link that you requested is not valid.”. Could you please look into this? Many thanks

  71. I’m so excited to start teaching my pre-k students !! this site has me amazed with all the amazing things. i really cannot believe it ! I love it alll! !!!!!

  72. I’d love to use these printables for my preschooler, but when I click through, the file doesn’t get downloaded, says the file isn’t valid. Are they for pay-only? Please let me know. thank you so much.

  73. This is so exciting! I started this morning with my daughter on A’s, she is a little young for some of the activities, but she is having lot’s of fun. Here is a link to my post about it.

  74. Jessica Martinez says:

    Im sorry but I cannot download any of these for use for homeschool. Please help.

  75. Love your work! I’ll be starting my almost 3 year old this coming august ! Just to let you know the do-a-dot “A” link isn’t valid any longer.

  76. brittany says:

    I cannot download any of these. Please help! thanks

  77. Beng Mangubat says:

    many thanks for sharing your ideas and also other websites… it greatly helps me in homeschooling my child =)

  78. Just wanted to let you know that the Letter A Do-A-Dot link is not working. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work and ideas. It is greatly appreciated.

  79. I’m having a hard time downloading some of your links. Is there a way to download the entire “A is for Apples” unit?

    It’s such great material but I’m getting frustrated trying to get my hands on it!!!

  80. I love your curriculum! I have been doing preschool with my two sons and we love the activities you provide. Thank you for all the work you put in creating these activities! I am blogging our adventures in preschool:

  81. April Silvas says:

    Hello, I am very new to homeschooling. I just made the decision to homeschool my 2 1/2 year old about a week ago. She already counts to 20 and can recognize the numbers 1 – 10. She knows her ABC’s and can recognize every letter. She also knows her colors and shapes. She is starting to trace the alphabet and sound out the letters. She has a whole book memorized when I read to her. Should I still begin with preschool curriculum or should I mix part of that with kinder?
    If I download the Letter of the week curriculum does that provide everything? Or are there still things I will need to download separately?
    I apologize. I became very overwhelmed after making the decision to do this. There is so much out there! After coming across your website though I feel a sense of relief! Your website is amazing!

    Thank you for all you do and provide to others!

  82. I love these printables but when I go to the download page it looks spammy and there are a ton of different download buttons. Help!

    • Hi Shelly, If you email me i can send you pics of where to click. But you click the small download button on the first screen, then the one that says “free download” on the second screen i sent. Then you have to wait for the download clock. After that you’ll get a link to download now. I’m so sorry they make it so hard! It didn’t used to be like that, but unfortunately they’ve sold out to advertising…

  83. I second Shelly’s comment. I would love to download these activities but the site the links are directed to is full of spam and viruses. Not cool…

  84. Hello,
    I Love all the beautiful things the you create & do, I can’t seem to download the Letter A Dot-to-Dot printable.
    Thanks Lisa.

    • I’ll email you a few screen prints to show you where to click for future. So you click the small download button on the first screen, then the one that says “free download” on the second screen i sent. Then you have to wait for the download clock. After that you’ll get a link to download now. I’m so sorry they make it so hard! It didn’t used to be like that, but unfortunately they’ve sold out to advertising…

      If you don’t want to deal with downloading them all one at a time, you can download the whole thing from my store:

  85. Leslie Bumgarner says:

    I am trying to do the free download, i bought this last year and unforunately computer crashed this summer. Computer store saved everything it looks like and the A was working just fine but I was having trouble getting my printer linked back. I upgraded to Windows 10 and thought maybe printer issues would resolve & now i cant open my letter files :( Can you send me way to download without worrying over spam and which one is right! thanks!!!

    • Hi Leslie, if you send me an email, I can send you screen shots of where to click to download so you don’t get any thing goofy installed from 4shared.

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