Kid’s Chore Chart Free Printable

I’d like to introduce a new idea to help organize your home: the Interactive Kid’s Chore Chart! I was previously using a handwritten chore chart, but I kept forgetting to pay my kids for their chores, and they would forget to write down when they completed one. I needed something more visual for everyone, and got this wonderful idea from a woman at my local homeschool mom’s night this month!


Click here to download the Chore Chart Cards

Supplies needed:

  • Cardstock (for my printable cards, tickets, etc)
  • Pocket Chart similar to the one in the photo.
  • Reward Stickers
  • Small Prize box (you can make this anything you like)
  • NOTE: Pages 24-29 are black and white images if you prefer not to print color.

Instructions for Slots:

1. Card with child’s name

2. – 6. Mon – Fri Chore cards to be completed

7. Reward tickets earned, Sticker Sheets, Best“ Bee-havior” awards

8. Extra Cards can be kept in the bottom slots

Directions for Use:

Put the assigned Monday – Friday task cards in the 2nd – 6th slots. When a task is completed, your child can turn the card backwards and place behind the remaining task cards for the day. (I used one color for each day just to try and keep things straight)

At the end of the day, look to see which tasks are completed and switch them out with reward tickets. At the end of the day or week, allow your child to spend his tickets on items in a small prize box (gum, candy, erasers, pencils, 5 Minutes iphone time etc). Instead of a prize box, you could also choose to let your kids exchange their tickets for money, we pay $0.25/ticket. This way they can save their money for something they want to buy, we also encourage them to tithe and save some of that as well.

If your child completes all the assigned tasks in a day, they receive a sticker on the reward card in the 7th slot. Once that reward card is full, they can exchange it for something more special like larger prize box, I use things like mini-Lego sets, Pet-Shop’s, Polly Pockets, computer time, TV time, Wii Time etc. Really the prizes are up to you.


I also included “Best Bee-havior” cards that you can reward when your child has displayed a good attitude for the entire day, helping others, being kind to siblings, or anything else you deem as outstanding behavior. These are very special for our family and are handed out only for very good behavior. They can be redeemed for something fancier like a trip to ice cream, a sleep over, etc.

If a task is not completed, the child does not earn tickets or stickers. Since my kids are still young, I do not force them to do any chores, it’s fairly optional except for the feeding of our animals.

My Chore Chart download includes all the cards you need for chores, tickets, sticker reward sheets and “Best Bee-havior” cards. I had some friends help me come up with common chores for their households so hopefully there are plenty to choose from. There is also a blank set of cards included so you can write in your child’s names, or specific chores that apply to your home.

I also have a Chore Chart for younger kids that is a little less intimidating and easier to use.


For this one, I just put the chore cards in slot #2 and when your child completes them they move the cards to slot #3. At the end of the day I change the cards out with tickets and put the chore cards for the next day back in slot #2.

Again, if they complete all their tasks for a given day, they get a sticker on the rewards chart in slot #4. They also can earn Best “Bee-havior” tickets as well. This download includes less chore cards, a blank sheet for you to add in your own, Best “Beehavior” cards and colorful tickets.

You can find the small Tabletop Pocket Chart at Lakeshore Learning.


Hope the chore rewards idea works for your family!

Click here to download the Chore Chart for Older Kids

Click here to download the Chore Chart for Young Kids

(TIP: If you are having trouble getting the file to open in your browser window, RIGHT click on the download link, then select “SAVE LINK AS”. You will be prompted to save the file to your hard drive.)

Here’s a great idea from Shining Our Lights for setting up the chart for little ones!

I love how she uses velcro to put the cards on, then replaces them with tickets as chores are completed! Great idea!

I’ve gotten some great emails from you all and would love to see how everyone is using the chart, if you have pictures, make sure to link up so we can see other ways to use it!



  1. Anonymous says:

    How wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing! Can you make the tickets just black and white for me? Thank you! -Elisa

  2. SO cool that you posted about your chore charts! I found your chore chart printables recently, made a chore chart for my 4 and 8 year olds, and blogged about it yesterday! You also answered a question I had. I was not sure about handing out small prizes for every ticket… that's a lot of stuff laying around… and then you said you pay .25 per ticket. Check out my version of the pocket chore chart using your cards! Thanks for the great ideas and printables!

  3. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I have been SEARCHING for something exactly like this and this just brightened my day!!!! Thanks!!

  4. I can not thank you enough! This is an answer to prayer. We have been really struggling on how to do this. I so appreciate your wisdom and encouragement. This is our first year of homeschooling and we live way out in the country and if it had not of been for your blog I would have felt so very alone. May God bless you!

  5. Love this idea! Looks like it would be fun to make with the kids, too. Just also wanted to let you know that the link for the Pocket Chart in the supplies list gives a "Page Not Found" error. Thanks!!

  6. Such an awesome resource. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  7. Erin,This is right on time. I have been pushing chore planning to the back of my mind, but as more tasks need to be completed around our home, I knew I couldn't go another weekend w/o looking at putting something together. This will be a great help w/my planning.

  8. Thanks, Erin! I have been going to make a chore chart something like this for a long time now and just have not gotten around to it. Thank you so much!

  9. Thank you so much!! I just found your website and LOVE it!! The neat thing is that I have a blog and it is called Confessions of a Couponer. LOL. Thank you for the chore cards!!Jennifer

  10. Thank you so much! I was going to attempt to make my own today in fact, what awesome timing! I absolutely love this! I think in my reward box I'm going to put in a lot of "coupons" for TV/computer time, date with Mommy/Daddy, etc!

  11. Anonymous says:

    THANK YOU!THANK YOU!THANK YOU!This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for for the past 5 months!I'm off to go print things now!amy

  12. Anonymous says:

    This is wonderful! Great work. Thanks for offering this for free!

  13. Thank you for the great chore chart downloads! A friend of mine has one similar & I was struggling to get started to make my own, but not any more! =)

  14. I honestly think you are a fly in my office. I was just looking for chore stuff yesterday! Amazed at how expensive it can get to buy…Sad because one's I would make would look like my 2 year old made them!Actually I would rather you be reading my mind because my office is dirty!!Thanks again for saving my sanity!

  15. Absolutely awesome! I haven't really thought about using a chore chart for my kids yet. But we have been struggling getting the oldest (2, almost 3) to do her chores without a big fight and fuss. I bet this would work for her, after all, having a chart is what finally got her potty trained! : )

  16. mydreamteam says:

    THANK YOU! This is one of my New Year's Resolutions: to get my kids to start helping more in a *joyful* manner. I'm so tired of fighting over chores. I really like the 1st chart, but the link doesn't work. Can you tell us where to find it? Thanks!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Try printing them at they offer 50% off the first order and if you change the "turn around time" on the order you can get this shipped pretty low. I had to call the customer service people for a little help but they were so incredibly nice that I can't help but recommend them to others!!!

  18. This is so great! I have been trying to find a chore system that actually works and this looks like something my oldest would definitely use. I also wanted to say that we just love your Letter of the Week curriculum – I downloaded it a couple months back and my 5 and (almost) 2 year just love all the different activities in it. My son especially loves the Do A Dots – I've had to print off lots of extra ones. :-)Shay @

  19. This is genious!!

  20. LINKS: I double checked the links and they appear to be working, please let me know if you are still having troubles.BLACK & WHITE: Pages 21-25 are black and white images if you prefer not to print color.

  21. Thank you so much! We are putting our house on the market and I need the little ones to help me keep it clean! :)I was able to download the first set but not the younger set. I get an error message every time.

  22. Erica-you are truly amazing! Thank you so much, this is EXACTLY what we need!!!!!Melissa

  23. Erica,I just did a post about all my fave chore things out there and am going to go back and add yours to my list. Great job! Looks amazing!

  24. Here's a link to where I share about this on my blog: Thanks for letting me about my blogger settings….think something got changed when I did a gmail account. Hope I fixed it : )

  25. Thank you so much for making your ideas available! I have been printing out weekly chore charts, but we were going through paper and ink like crazy. This reusable chart is excellent and quality-looking!

  26. Thanks sooo much!

  27. Thanks for sharing your talent! I've downloaded & am ready to try them out. My son has autism, so chore charts haven't worked to well, but I keep trying. I posted on Believing Unbeliever about this; hope you'll check it out.

  28. WOW! This is impressive. Thank you so much for sharing!

  29. As posted above, you are so creative and awesome for sharing! I am a HS mom of 4 ages 2 mo-6 yrs. I love your blog, ideas, and encouragement! Thanks SO much for your willingness to share.

  30. I could only find older kids' link. Where is younger kids' one?

  31. Very Clever! Printing mine off now… and cracking up at the "Bring in Milk" card. Ha! :)

  32. These are great. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!!!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Any ideas instead of a plastic pocket chart? Because of the harms of pthalates (fumes adversely affect the endocrine system), I try to avoid these soft plastics (PolyVinylCarbonate or plastic#3).

  34. Thank you so much for sharing all of your printables. They are a HUGE blessing to this pastor's family. :) I am grateful to the Lord for you!

  35. Thank You..what a wonderful idea! I love all of your ideas and I plan on implementing some in my own home!

  36. Nice!

  37. I am so blessed that my chart has helped so many moms! Thanks for sharing it! Also, I might emphasize that it is so flexible for each family's schedule, and you don't have to stick to 5 days a week, we do 4. The kids can still spend their tickets on the weekends though. Have fun with it. We do!Julie

  38. What a great idea! and thank you for sharing all your hard work!I'm wondering if it is possible to get a b/w version of the tickets in order to print on colored paper rather than use printer ink?Either way this is a great resource!godgazers at msn dot com

  39. Hi Marnie,Pages 21-25 I think are all black and white for those who don’t want to print in color.Erica

  40. Hello! Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog, you come up with some great ideas and Thanks sooo much for your printables. I refer back to it all the time for different ideas as well as printables. Your chore chart was great and I wanted let you know that we got ours together and the boys jumped on it right away. I tweeked it abit to fit our family but they loved it. You can check it out on my blog but I want to warn you I just started blogging and trying to learn more. Thanks again!!

  41. Idea for someone concerned about plastic… I am planning on using this with a cork board. I don't have big enough card stock to print out everything on so I'm just going to tape/glue the chores I want to index cards with enough space to use a push pin with.. I'm not sure how long the cards will hold up, but this is my idea for now until I can find a cheaper plastic option.Thanks so much for this idea, I've been trying and trying to make my own for so long and it was so tedious to search for clip art for the chores that I wanted (my daughter is just starting to read).. and I wanted a reward system as well. THANKS!

  42. Anonymous says:

    I am loving the idea of your system. We've tried so many and really hoping this one works. I'm having trouble thinking of prizes and how much to assign each reward. Could you give some advice and suggestions? How many bee cards do they have to get to earn a big thing?Thanks Wendy

  43. Anonymous: In our prize box I have small sets of legos ($3-$5 range), bakugan balls and zoobles (girl bakugans) lip gloss, gum, CHEAP barbies ($3-5), polly pockets and pet shops. I got most of my prizes at the after Christmas sale.I think just whatever your kids are into and can be motivated by!I used to have a bunch of things like pencils, erasers, balls but nobody seems to want those so i upped the price. My kids earn an average of 25 tickets/week so 1 toy in my box is 25 tickets. They can also trade the tickets in for .25cents if they want to save money for something else. But this way there are toys in there they actually want and I don't have a bunch of little junk floating around.I only have them earn 1 bee card to do something like ice cream, but I only hand them out if they're above and beyond on kindness! We've only had 1 so far sadly…sigh.

  44. I love this chore chart; Thank you! I downloaded it and found that pages and found that pages 21-25 have black and white chore cards, but there aren't any tickets in black and white. I would really like the tickets in black and white so I can just print them on colored card stock. I hope that's not a ton of work, but I saw other people asking for the same thing.Thanks for all the hard work you put into this blog.

  45. Love this! Thanks for sharing! I purchased your Letter of the Week curriculum & totally love your site! You are fabulous! Being a homeschool veteran, I absolutely appreciate a person (you) who has done all the hard work behind the scenes, so I can focus on the FUN w/ my kids!~Sheri

  46. Anonymous says:

    This is fantastic! I tried something like this a couple of months ago but this is way more simple and right there all put together for me. I'm going to give it one more go with my three boys and we can add our princess in a couple years when she's old enough. Thanks so much for all of your hard work!

  47. Thank you!!!

  48. This is AWESOME!! Thank you! :)

  49. I purchased my chart and made one almost like yours about 2 years ago! It was such a life saver. Great minds must think alike…PS… I have 11 kids so my chart was 3 times the size of yours! LOL!

  50. J and B Learning Is The Johnson Tribe says:

    WOW you are so awesome for sharing THANK YOU so very much!!

  51. I think I'll throw my husbands name onto this chart so he can "keep his chores straight." Thanks!

  52. This is great – love it!! FYI – for those not wanting to print them, I have often seen ticket rolls at the Dollar Store in the Birthday Section.

  53. This is great – Love it!! For those who don't want to print tickets out, you can find them at the Dollar store in the Birthday section.

  54. Bless you. I've had such a hard time finding such a thing that would work and this is perfect. I even made my own "visual schedule" for my home daycare today because I couldn't find one anywhere.More Than A

  55. What an awesome idea! I love this sooo much, I am going to link to you and share it with my friends!! Thank YOU!

  56. Thank you! Just ordered my workboxes online last night, too – very excited about all I'm learning from you!!

  57. I love your chore chart and can't wait to use it, can you make blank colored ones so that we can add the chores we do but with the correct color.Thanks

  58. Thanks for this, I followed Newby at Home to your blog and boy am I glad I did :)

  59. Is there a way to get the TICKETS (not the chore cards) in black and white to print on colored paper? Pgs. 21-25 are the chore cards in b & w. I know it means more work for you, but it seems like I'm not the only one who would appreciate it! :) Looks wonderful and can't wait to get started. thinking my girls will like this one! :)

  60. Kathy: yes I'll put up some b&w; tickets. Several people have asked!

  61. Thank you soooooo much!! :)

  62. This is great. I've just started using it. Thanks

  63. When I tried to download any of these, it says: The file link that you requested is not valid.

  64. Kama: I just tried it and it is working again, 4shared has recently been having issues, I apologize. Please see if you can try it again.Thanks!

  65. hi, I am dalys a SAHM of a 4year old girl, name Gia ISabella. I love this chart tks for sharing it.I will try these with my Gia.rgds,

  66. Hi there. I absolutely LOVE your chore chart. I tried to print it out but I'm only getting half of the card showing on my paper. It's like each one of the cards printed only 1/2 of the design. Any suggestions?

  67. Michelle: I'm not sure, are you using MAC or PC, and what is your printer? My suggestion would be to google something like "PDF printing half sheet on HPLaserjet" or whatever printer you have. It might be something with the spooling. You could also try to print 1 page at a time and see if that helps.

  68. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much! I did exactly that, downloaded a new version of Adobe Reader and it worked just fine. I'm so excited to get this started!

  69. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much!For those concerned about plastic…I am considering hole punching these and hanging them on a board with hooks.

  70. I love your blog and your ideas. Thank you for sharing them so freely.

  71. Just wanted to give you a SOLID THANK YOU!!!! I also wanted to tell you how I'm using them. I printed and cut them all out. I have a 9 and 6 1/2 year old using this system. I use the pink for my daughter and the blue for my son. I bought name tag holders and clips. I separated the cards into morning and afternoon chores, placed each set into the name tag holders. At morning or afternoon chore time, I clip the name tag holder to the child. They go off and do all chores in the holder, then bring it back to me. I then unclip it check the chores and then mark of and award rewards. We use them for TV time. :) THANK YOU again!

  72. Erica – this is fantastic! It looks great and I can't wait to implement in here at our house! I am wondering, did you laminate your cards? I don't have a laminator, but I do have three kids, and I am just wondering how durable the card stock might be by itself. Thank you so much!!

  73. Thank you very much for sharing this chart. I finally finished my version of your chart. You can see it here @

  74. Your chore chart has saved my sanity this summer… thank you so much…I truly appreciate that you have shared this online!!!

  75. your chore chart has saved my sanity this summer… thank you so much for sharing this online!!!

  76. Thank you for sharing this chart. I plan on putting a chart together later this summer. What ages would you use the younger chore chart for? And, what ages for the deluxe chart???Thanks

  77. Thank you!!! I have been looking for something exactly like this, but had no idea where to find it. Woo hoo!! Now I just need to get everything printed and laminated and find a pocket chart. :)

  78. Harvestmom: I would say 5 and under for the little kids one and 6 and up for the big kids chart. I use the big one for everyone.

  79. I love the creativity of this! For those of us who love to do everything electronically, there is a free online job chart that’s fun, too.

  80. This is so cool. We are new to homeschooling so I want everything laid out so they can see what to do and do it. We’ve been having a few transition issues between public school and homeschooling so I need something visual for everything. Once I get a pocket chart I will have all this cut out and laminated (I LOVE MY LAMINATOR). I alos absolutely LOVE your idea of your behavioral chart! I’ve saved it as a word doc and have made it fit our family. I will add and take away from it as I need to. I will post on my blog when I set these up (in a month, going on vacation) so you can see how it’s working for us. Thank you so much for all the time you put into these things. It’s been a true blessing getting to know you through your blog!

  81. Thanks for sharing, especially the printables! This is perfect for my 3 year old.


  83. Mama of many blessing says:

    Thank you for the wonderful resource!! I have printed your chart, and added my own spin on it, with a few pictures if anyone is interested!!


    • Nicole, great ideas on your blog! Thanks for sharing, I tried to leave a comment over there, but the part to put in the code was cut off my screen so i couldn’t!


  84. Hi,
    I am having trouble getting the printables to come up. I have clicked on the link numerous times but they won’t show up. Any suggestions?

    • Sorry, some browsers aren’t opening the file, if you right click on the download link above then select “SAVE LINK AS” you will be prompted to save the file to your desktop.

  85. I love this chart!! We started using the chart several weeks ago with my 2 1/2 and 5 year old daughters. They love it. I simplified it a little and their only reward is $.10 per ticket. They are very money motivated. I never thought my 5 year old would get up, make her bed, get dressed, and brush her teeth without being asked, but now she does!

  86. Debby Riess says:

    Thanks so much for the chore cards! I’m having trouble printing more, can you help?

  87. I love the idea of a chore chart as my nearly 3 year old has no responsibilities expect to pick up her own toys or help me set the table for dinner. We currently live in Saudi Arabia and have a houseboy (sorta like a maid) who does all of laundry, cleans our house everyday including dishes, moping, dusting..ect. I am at a loss as to what to give her as chores because really everything is done for her!

  88. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to implement this in our house. I have posted a link to this on my blog . You have great ideas

  89. Nikki Jensen says:

    I love your chore chart idea and plan to impliment it into my own family. I was wondering were you got the pocket chart. I am not wanting to spend alot of money, but am wanting to get it from a local store. So could you tell me were you got yours? That would be great!!!


  90. Give thanks for this awesome awesome idea. I have been having issues with myself my children and chores and rewards. thank you for posting. Thank you for helping!

  91. I bought the pocket chart and came on to download the cards and they won’t come up. Could you help, please? I am so excited about starting this system! =)

  92. I was wondering if you could maybe email me the PDFs for both the older and the younger kids. I cant get it to download.
    Thank you!!!!
    striplingwarrioracademy(at) gmail(dot)com

  93. Thank you so much!! I was so excited to find this. This is just what we need in our family! I can’t get the link to work though, do you have another link?


  94. This is amazing! Thanks so much for all the hard work you put into this. I am so excited to use this with my four kiddos!

  95. This chart system is so great! I tried to pull it up and the link didn’t seem to be working. Do you mind checking? Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  96. This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing all of this–it must have been so much work and I really appreciate it. I am definitely going to be making a chart like this for my children. This is the most efficient and organized chore chart I have ever seen and it is easy to change as children grow and chores change. Thank you!!

  97. Thank you! I have been looking for a chore chart to implement for my 5 year (and maybe my 2 year old) Love your blog!!

  98. I can not believe I just stumbled across this. I have been searching for days for a vinyl pocket calendar to put my kids chores in. I envisioned exactly what you have done here. I have never seen anything like it and thought I was being so original. The problem was that I couldn’t find a pocket chart anywhere…until today. I bought one at the teacher supply store, just got home 15 mintues ago and have been looking for pictures to put on my chore cards. I BOUGHT THE SAME POCKET CHART YOU HAVE IN YOUR PICTURE!!! This is so weird- and great. Thank you for doing all of this work so people like me can organize our families too. :)

  99. I cannot get your links to work to print the chore charts. I really want to try this one out so any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  100. This is wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing.

  101. Making Memories says:

    Erika, I just wanted to bring to your attention that Comment #4 from Kira above is a very inappropriate link that you’ll want to delete.

    I love your work! :) Thanks for all you do to help other homeschoolers. I’m just now discovering the greatness of you blog!

    Thank you!

  102. Just wanted to thank you for this — my boys (7&9) were SO excited when they came home and I had this chart ready to go! They like having the whole week to see at a glance. we’ve added ‘weekend’ chores, a row of “everyday” chores, and then their own row contains unique chores to each of them.

    We’re going through growing pains of figuring out what chores to include; and what the rewards should be. But on day 3, I’m finding the cards sitting next to their breakfast spot so they are getting things done early in the day! Now, just to keep them from losing the cards!

    I’m just happy I don’t have to remind them of the ‘everyday’ stuff, which is why I put this together. Thank you!!

  103. Kimberly Robbins says:

    Have you seen another place to get the smaller pocket chart? It looks like the website you referred to is no longer carrying that pocket chart. :(

  104. This is brilliant – so glad I found your blog!! My husband and I are preparing to become full fledged homeschooling parents to our 5 year old and so I’m I love reading anything on the topic. Thank you so much for posting this. We have been trying a few things with my daughter concerning chores but this is perfect. Wish you and your family the best :) Sarah

  105. We just finished our first week of using the chore chart!! I love it! My daughter (6) is now willing to help me with the chores and even wants to do most of them on her own. My son (2) goes through the motions and is getting an idea of what is supposed to be done which is a great step in the right direction. We have decided to make the tickets worth 10 cents each since they are so young and so that we would be giving them roughly $2 per week/$10 per month. They have not opted for the money yet but I’m sure as they get older they will. Thanks for this great idea. It has lifted stress off of my shoulders and have fixed some of the unnecessary tone change in our house. I love your site!

  106. Thank you so much for having these cards available. They are awesome. I can’t wait to set our system up for my 3 kids.

  107. Jennifer says:

    Im having trouble getting the older childs chore chart to download…any ideas?

  108. hi,

    I used this link for my post…

    love ur idea!!


    nancy – from germany :)

  109. Thank you so much for the chore chart. I used your technique with a twist I placed the chores on the back side of playing cards. This way they could also practice there math at the end of each day as they need to add up there numbers on there card to see how many tickets they got. Again thank you so much and God Bless

  110. Robyn Kucinic says:

    Hi Erica, I am trying to download your awesome big kid chore chart. It is opening up into a new PDF window, but nothing shows up. Can you help?
    God bless,

  111. Robyn Kucinic says:

    Hi Erica, I am trying to download your awesome big kid chore chart. It is opening up into a new PDF window, but nothing shows up. Any ideas?
    God bless,

  112. Nice job!

    One question… what is the ‘open / close blinds’ chore? Is that like opening up the house in the morning?


  113. Sara B. says:

    This is really neat! We have been using Chore Jars, which are fine and get the job done, but I can’t reward them easily. My dh found an app for our phone called iRewards, which is also good, but I want something tangible that they can see they are trading in stars (or in this case tickets) for something else – also a lesson in finances, right? 😉 I will have to look more closely at this over the next few days. Thanks!

  114. I just discovered your blog and I cannot tell you how excited I am to implement several of your ideas! I have been searching and searching for information/resources for homeschooling Pre-K! I do not see the point in putting a 4 year old in public school, but feel it is very important to begin early learning at this age. In addition to the educational information; you have also provided moral guidlines and behavioral tools! Your blog has everything I have been looking for!!! Thank you so much for providing this blog!

  115. Thank you so much for sharing your cute chore charts. They are just what I was looking for!

  116. I am so going to use this! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this idea! I have been attending college and just recently felt the Lord leading me back home. I feel like He is getting ready to do something new in us and for us and with us and like I need to prepare everything now. The urgency was great, so I just quit. My children keep begging to be homeschooled also, so I am going to spend the rest of this school year preparing my home (organisation needed!) and researching Christian curriculums and such and next year, we will begin homeschooling!! I am so excited to have found your website. I NEEEED this! Lol. First step – chore chart. Check! -Brittany, Mother of Three, ages 9, 7, and 5.

  117. Where do you get the images for the cards? (Or do you create them?) I’m trying to create just a general daily routine for my 2-year-old since I can’t find anyone who’s done this yet, but having trouble finding the right images.

  118. Love your chore chart, and I have felt guilty about not implementing it since I bought the pocket chart months ago. But, I’ve finally done it and the kids and I love it! Here’s where I posted to my blog, and I also linked to yours.

    Thanks so much for sharing your ideas with everyone!

  119. says:

    Howdy! This is my first visit to your blog!
    We are a group of volunteers and starting a new project in a community in the same niche.
    Your blog provided us beneficial information to work on. You have done a marvellous job!

  120. I love this chore chart. Could you tell me where I could find a hanging card holder like this? Thanks!

  121. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added”
    checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several
    emails with the same comment. Is there any way you
    can remove me from that service? Cheers!

  122. Friend gave me a great idea on rewards also, instead of $$ or gifts, maybe a trip to the zoo, or a story to read, or dinner at your favorite resaurant. May put in some Good Manners or Behavior cards.
    Chart is on order and cannot wait to start!! Thank you for the wonderful idea.

  123. Loved this idea but can’t get the chart to open so I can copy it. Any ideas how to get the page to load?

  124. hey stupid…..only ITEMS are rewards, not being able to
    do something! time for doing something, going somewhere….that’s
    no reward!!!!!!! only an ITEM is a reward! :p

  125. Jennifer Fagan says:

    I love this set of printables! I have a 4 yr old, a 2.5 yr old and a 4 mo old and am having a hard time doing all of the chores by myself-I like the flexibility of this chore system and am hoping the cards don’t disappear like the magnetic pcs from the magnetic system I tried earllier. I girlied my chore cards up by printing a flower on the backs so they can flip them over to create a flower garden when they are finished with each chore : )

  126. Thank you so much for making this and making it available to us from free. Just found it hrough pinterest..I’m desperately trying to find something that will work for our family of 7, 4, 2 boys. Thank you. God bless you.

  127. This is exactly what I have been looking for…well not exactly…my kids are french and english is there second language so for this reason they have yet to have learn to read in English…it would of be great if we could modify what the writting on the pictures say. I guess I will still be searching…but absolutely love the style.

  128. The chore chart was so helpful! Thank you so much for making things easier. I can’t wait to us it!

  129. Thank you so much for sharing. I Love, love, love this chart. God Bless you for putting so much hard work into this blog and the chore chart, and then sharing it will all of us for free!!! (nice run on sentence huh?)Thanks again for sharing, I love your website!!!!

  130. Thank you so much for sharing..I love, love, love this chart.God bless you for putting so much hard work into this chart, and then sharing it with us for free! Thanks again. I love your website!!!!

  131. Hi! I love this idea, and am in the process of making one for our 3.5 year old granddaughter, who we care for and homeschool on weekdays. My plan is to use this chart for daily chores AND her daily “school work” as an incentive to complete each task. Do you have any ideas/suggestions for locating printable graphics for the magnet circles? Any help would be appreciated. Keep up the great work!

  132. Hi! I love this chart, and am in the process of making one for our 3.5 year old granddaughter, who we care for and homeschool on weekdays. My plan is to use this chart for her daily chores, grooming, AND her preschool “school work” as an incentive to complete each task. Do you have any ideas/suggestions for locating printable graphics for school work subjects? Any help would be appreciated. Keep up the great work!

  133. I tried to download the printable chore ticket and it won’t even let me download the page. Not sure if I am doing something wrong…Im so bummed cause I LOVE the chore chart printables.

  134. I delight in, result in I discovered just what I was looking for.
    You’ve ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  135. I have been trying to just upload the link and I can’t even upload the link to print it off. Not sure what i am doing wrong so bummed I love this!!

  136. Thanks for the great ideas and printables! A friend led me to your blog, and I now subscribe too! I’m using the black & white cards and printing them on colored paper. I let each of my girls pick out 2 colors, one for “must do” chores and one for “optional” chores. This way they will each do the necessary (brush teeth, feed pets, etc) chores and have the opportunity to earn “extra” by doing the optional (dust, sweep, etc) chores! I’m still working on how the tickets will work, maybe they have to earn more of the “must do” tickets to earn a reward? This is the perfect set up for making the chart customizable for each family and each child in the family! I can’t thank you enough! I’m pinning and sharing on facebook!

    Thank you!!!!

  137. Hi, I have been trying to find something like this to use and i love it but it will not let me print or even see it :) to print it am i doing something wrong or is it off limits

  138. I plan on using this for normal everyday tasks right now for my toddler to help cement her routine to her, and transition to chores as she gets older. Thank you for the printables. I plan on letting her get a sticker for completing her routine every day, and a small treat for completing daily. Then after about 2 weeks, graduating to 3 days worth of stickers to get a prize, then a week worth of stickers. Start small and work your way up. :)

  139. AnnaMichelle Worthley says:

    Such an awesome idea! Thank you!

  140. Someone necessarily lend a hand to make significantly articles I might state.
    This is the very first time I frequented your web page and to this point?
    I surprised with the research you made to create this particular post incredible.
    Great job!

  141. I love this idea and just ordered my pocket chart so we can give it a try. I need to customize some of the chore cards, though… is there any chance you could email me the Microsoft Word file (or whatever program) you used to create the cards, so I can edit and print my own version without starting over from scratch?


  142. Thanks! It is PERFECT!!!!!! Just got mine assembled!

  143. Thanks so much for this chart. Today is New Years Day and we spent the day making our chart. My kids are so excited! A great way to start the year out right. Thank-you for putting this together.

  144. Britt-Marie says:

    Thank you for this post and for providing the printable chore chart cards! I can’t believe you even took the time to even make them available in black and white too (we don’t have a color printer).

  145. This is my personal spin on a chore chart system –

  146. My brother suggested I would possibly like this blog.
    He was once totally right. This put up actually made my day.
    You cann’t imagine simply how a lot time I had spent for this information!

  147. I LOVE your blog! God bless you for sharing all your great inventions! I am wondering how do I edit the extra empty chore cards? Is there a way to unlock it? I’d like to modify the cards to my house needs. Thank you in advance!

  148. I was SO excited when I saw this, especially when I realized I had that exact wall pocket lying around! Your reward chart has worked like a charm in our home for my 5 and 8 year old. I’ve written about our experience here:

    My 5 year old son admitted tonight that the only reason he finished his dinner without complaining was so that he could flip over the card and collect his ticket for “eating dinner without complaining.” It’s our third week using the reward system and it has transformed our home life! Thank you :)

  149. I am unable to download the Older child kit. Any hits? Thank you!

    • Hi,
      If the document won’t open in your browser window, try RIGHT clicking on the download link. Then select “Save Link As” and pick a place to save the file. It should download the PDF and then you can open and print. Unfortunately the file is too large to email, but hopefully the RIGHT clicking trick will work!

  150. Yolanda says:

    Do I just click download… and than it will print out for me?

  151. Yolanda says:

    how do i print this off?

  152. Click the download link, and the file should open in your browser window. You can either save it to your computer, or print it from your browser.

  153. Hi,
    If the document won’t open in your browser window, try RIGHT clicking on the download link. Then select “Save Link As” and pick a place to save the file. It should download the PDF and then you can open and print. Unfortunately the file is too large to email, but hopefully the RIGHT clicking trick will work! Once you download, open the PDF and go to “File” and then “Print”.

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