Monthly Meal Planner: August 2011

Welcome to my August Monthly Meal Planning free printables! Holy cow, I seriously can’t believe it’s August! I’m so not ready for school yet! Ikea just opened this week, and I’ve been saving for 2 years in anticipation! 2 YEARS!

I’ll share more on my schoolroom organization, later, but for now here’s the August 2011 Monthly Meal Plan for you. This should free up some time for you all to get your homes organized and ready before school starts back up!




Download August 2011 Meal Plan:


  1. It’s funny that you say that about IKEA. I love that store! Our closest one is 1 1/2 hours away but I still got all the furniture for our schoolroom from there this past spring! 🙂

  2. We have an Ikea here in Warsaw, Poland. I have never been to an Ikea though. I hear it is a treat.

    Your menu sounds wonderful. Can I come live with you? I do my menu too, but I haven’t for a few weeks. I need to get back into it. I am finding a lot of motivation by reading posts by people who are doing the same.

  3. Oh my goodness!! I CANT wait to see what you do with your IKEA stuff. Our closest is 3.5 hours and I gave only been once and it was just heaven. 😉

  4. Jennifer D. says:

    I’ll be interested to see what you get at IKEA. One just opened this past week in my area too–wonder if it’s the same one. : )

  5. OOOH! We have an IKEA 30 minutes from where we live and seriously, I think my oldest daughter and I could live there if they would let us… I can’t wait to see what you found there! Thank you so much for all your great posts and for all the printables you allow us to use. You are such a blessing to many!

  6. Hi ….. thank you so much for this calendar. I just discovered that the website I was downloading weekly free menus from took them down. I had printed out some of the recipes and menus, and had used them for the last couple of years.. I think I got bored with the recipes. Someone gave me and some other school at home moms your link… Such a blessing since our schedules are going to be very busy in the near future.
    Thank you so much.


  7. I am somewhat in awe of your organization right now… wow… I’m happy if I can do a week… and usually that doesn’t include the weekend. And half the time I don’t really follow it. Haha… I love this!!! Thanks!

    Cassandra @

  8. Good morning
    I could not find the homemade calzone recipe. It said it had been deleted. Do you have it posted elsewhere?

  9. I have a similar question to Teresa…do you have a link or a place where you post recipes?? There are several that I would love to have.

    • Robin & Teresa,
      The downloads should have the links to the recipes in them. Wherever you see an underlined recipe you should be able to click on that and get to it. You can also get to my recipes at the top of my blog navigation bar where it says recipes, then click ‘main dishes’ then ‘calzones’. I’ll double check my links in the download to make sure they are working! Thanks :o)

  10. wondering is there a specific recipe for the morning smoothies? thank you

    • Alicia,
      Don’t laugh, but I’m lazy in the mornings so I use the Yoplait and Jamba smoothies from King Soopers Freezer section. You can also get them in bulk at Costco. I know, lame :o) But you could also do your own, pick a cup of frozen fruit of your choice, add in a few tablespoons of frozen yogurt, then about a 1.5 cups milk and blend!

  11. Thanks for sharing the smoothie trick! I was wondering that too. I’d looove to get more creative in the mornings with breakfast but I’m so gosh darn flippin’ tired!! 🙂

  12. Also: do you do frozen french toast or pancakes or anything? (Either store bought or homemade.) Or do you make them from scratch? I think I could do a huge batch of french toast and freeze… my kids aren’t able to be homeschooled (yet!–I’m their stepmom) and they go to school across town. I’m all about cereal and diet coke (for me!!)

    • Sarah, I don’t do much frozen pancakes etc. Occasionally we buy eggos because my kids love them! But really it’s not too hard to make pancakes or waffles using Bisquick. But yes, you could do a big batch of pancakes then just freeze them, I have a friend who does that. Says they freeze great!

  13. IKEA made my school room very, very happy. =o)

    Happy shopping!

  14. this made my day! i absolutely think making a menu is the hardest job ever.. you just made my life so much easier!! thank you very very much. 😉

  15. crasy mama says:

    Erica, I just wanted to say thank you for the really cute Ballarina Bear, it is to cute. I am mostly impresseed with how organized you seem to be. Well not to mention your family is addorable;.

  16. HI Erica!
    I just linked up your menu for my readers to see! You are so organized!! Thank you for making life easier for the rest of us;)

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