Free Number Graph Worksheets



Hello fellow teachers! Today I made some super cute Number Graph worksheets for the Teeny Tot! These sheets are super cute and they work on number recognition, word recognition as well as counting skills!


~ Print pages 3-22 on copy paper

~ Have students add 1 sticker per square for each number as indicated. (I’ve added light gray dots to help preschoolers know which boxes to add their stickers to…see below for a blank version…i.e. no dots!)


Alternate Ideas:

1. Color in the correct amount of squares

2. Place any manipulative of your choice in each square, i.e. goldfish, cheerios, beads, rocks, shells, etc.

3. Laminate and have students write an “o” or “x” in each box using dry-erase markers.

4. Place sheets in page protectors and have students write an “o” or “x” in each box using dry-erase markers.


–> Download the Number Graph Worksheets here! <–

(If you’re having trouble downloading the file, RIGHT click on the above download link, then select ‘Save Link As’. You will then be prompted to save the file to your hard drive.)



For those students who can count and do not need the dots I also created a blank version of these worksheets, so students can count on their own and fill in each square as required.

–> Download the Number Graph Worksheets (Blank) here! <–


I hope you enjoy today’s freebie! For more free math printables, click on the button below!


  1. Thanks for sharing! My 2yo daughter is learning her numbers right now so these will be great!

  2. So Cute! I have a few readers that will love these:).

  3. These are great!! I think I’m going to use these in many ways for my 3 year old. Thanks so much!!!

  4. Alexandra says:

    Thank you so much for this. My 4yr old daughter enjoys everything I have been able to print from you in the recent months. You do such a great job creating interesting ways to learn material.

  5. As I am finally going through saved email, I came upon this generous offer. This set will be fabulous in the Math Center and being used in small groups! Thank you Erica!

  6. LOVE this one…just what I was looking for! Thanks Erica!

  7. cute…and great idea!
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. wow!!! thank you so much , love your work..GOD BLESS YOU

  9. Karin Plante says:

    I just love these thanks so much you have a wonderful talent.

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