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Favorite Summer Lip Glosses

Happy Friday readers! I know I have some homeschool dads out there reading, and for this post I apologize in advance. But today I’m doing another one of my fun Friday posts….on lip gloss. I know, so girly. Sorry. You don’t have to stay today. But come back tomorrow! Moving on… I’m not really a lip stick type of girl,…

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My Favorite Summer Fragrance Giveaway

Hi everyone! So most of you seemed to enjoy my recent “beauty tips", or at least didn’t razz me too bad for posting them, so I thought it would be fun to do a few posts on some of my summer favorites. Plus I was feeling a little crazy and wanted to do a mid-week giveaway just to throw you…

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Spring nail polish colors

Okay, I think there’s a possibility that I am experiencing what some refer to as “spring fever”. It’s hard not to feel the fresh new aura of spring with new buds on trees, grass starting to green up, and the warmer temperatures we’ve been having! So today I pulled out some fun spring nail colors to share with you all!…

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LUSH: Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

I have to confess that the first time I walked into a Lush store, I immediately Moonwalked right back out! If you’ve never been to one, it can be a little…shall we say…overwhelming? All of the scents, all of the colorful products, and all of the giant soap wheels that you wonder how you’ll ever fit in your shower, and…

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My Favorite M.A.C. Eye Shadows

Okay, you’re probably thinking you ventured onto the wrong blog, but you didn’t. It’s just that recently I’ve been feeling like sharing some of my favorite make up items. So I did. Or I am right now. Whatever.     Today I’m talking about my absolute favorite eye shadows out there! Since College I’ve been a fan of M.A.C. cosmetics.…

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Best Nail Top & Base Coat Ever!

Hi girls! Okay, so I have another great product to share with you today…sorry about all of these, but I’m on a roll apparently! If you really hate them, let me know and I’ll stop immediately ! Today I’m talking nails. Nail polish and nail polish organization. I don’t know about you, but I’m very rough on my nails. Having…

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How to De-pot M.A.C. Eye Shadow Tutorial

I’ve recently learned something exciting. Well, exciting for me, and I’m probably behind the curve here, but I’m going to share it anyway! It’s how to de-pot your M.A.C. eye shadows. Why would you want to do that you ask? I like to have things organized and handy. That same thing goes with homeschooling supplies as well as things like…

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